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Agent Theory And It's Application In Hydraulic Engineering

Posted on:2004-01-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360095960551Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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Agent theory is a effective way to solve complex system problems. In this paper Agent technology and its application is hydropower automatic monitoring and controlling system are studied. Agent's structure, communication and collaboration are the focus of this paper. The key technology of pumping station automatic control and integrated system of control of control-maintenance-technical management are researched to solve the problems in current systems and engineering applications.The research jobs of this paper mainly include:1. With the Agent technology, a comprehensive pumping station monitoring and control system is divided into many small tasks, which could be solved easily by an agent(s). The method is more reasonable, novelty and easier to understand and implement. This method is also suitable for complicated projects as automation of a large water conservancy hinge and management system of water resources optimal collocate.2. The study of structure and Implement of Agent. Relatively to Object-Oriented technology, the thoughts, goals, circulate mechanism, encapsulation and inherit, collaborate and implementations are explored. Then a general modularized template to construct an agent is presented which is composed of several interactional modules of differ functions. The definition and work principles are also studied. Finally 3 typical examples are presented to illuminate the Agent template under the background of automation of pumping station.3. Technologies of Communication among Agents and their implement. Starting from the basic behavior of Communication among agents, the paper studied the communication mechanism, protocol and its formalization. Several practical models and key technologies are discussed. Finally, 5 examples is presented, 3 of them use DDE, Blackboard, CORBA to show the communication between software agents, the other use multithread, image, RS485 Fieldbus to show the communication of hardware and software Agents.4. The research of basic theory of collaboration and its implement technology. The paper discussed the principles of expression, decomposition, distribution of a complex task with Role Models. Based on the Rational theory, combined action theory, a MAS_based collaborate model of PJCMAS is presented. The paper combines the Agent construct technology and communication technology with collaborate theory and brings PJCMAS into effect. The circulate result of real project shows that the theory and technology more reliable, agile, stable and effective.5.On the basis of result above, the paper penetrates into the limitation of three 'isolated information island' of control, maintenance and technical management systems ulteriorly, which is always designed, implemented independently, and raises the thought to integrate independent systems with MAS_based technology. The strategy to integrate control, maintenance, management to form a uniform MAS_Based ICMMS is explored is also studied. A example is given to show the procedures.6. Under the circumstance of a real project, the paper studies the key techniques of construction, communication and the interactions of agents systematically, with these techniques and thoughts, the paper presented a MAS_based pumping station joint control system and a integrated control-maintenance-technical management system. Finally a integrated system combines theory and practice is formed, which is useful to guide standardizing, describing, constructing and solving more complicated hydropower systems and problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agent, MAS, template, Communication, cooperation, pumping station, United Control and Supervise, integrated system
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