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Research Of Multi-Agent System And Hybrid Control In Engineering Machinery Of Cluster

Posted on:2005-01-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1102360122482233Subject:Engineering Mechanics
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The intelligentized and systematic engineering machinery of cluster is not only an important trend of future development of engineering machinery, but also a focus of the researches to solve some serious problems in road constructions nowadays, such as the illogical configuration of machinery of cluster, the lack or overstock of material, the low efficiency of construction, and the high intensity of work. For the first time, the latest achievement of artificial intelligence, multi-agent is applied to intelligentize the engineering machinery of cluster. This will let the cluster own more agility, self-determination, and reliability than the cluster using group control. Hybrid control is the focus in the field of automatic control, and it aims to study the control method of a complicated system, which is composed of discrete event system and continuous variable system. In this thesis, for the first time, hybrid control is applied to the intelligentization of engineering machinery of cluster. This will provide an abundant basis for raising the level of the intelligentization and systematism of engineering machinery of cluster in our country, and later, the level of the intelligentization and systematism will reach to the international top level. The main research contents of this thesis are listed here:1) For the first time, multi-agent is applied to build the system structure of the intelligentized machinery of clusterThe system is designed to be hybrid and layered. According to this hybrid-layered system structure, the structures of agents, reactive agents and mixed agents of man-machine commensalism are designed. And also, the method of "plug-in" is applied to construct agents. The core of agents is designed too.At the same time, design of multi-agent system is carried out. It includes: The pitch-concrete accommodation is studied; the communication method and communication language are designed; the analysis and assignment of the task are studied; the dynamic dispatching system based on all-around decision support system is designed; the evaluation scheme of the cluster status is brought forward; knowledge databases are designed; the mechanism of harmonization and cooperation among agents is built too.2) Hybrid control of machinery of clusterAccording to the supplement of pitch-concrete in the procedure of road construction, the hybrid control method is applied, and realized by multi-agent. The efficiency and robustness of the construction system are raised.3) Control strategies of control agentsControl strategies of control agents are proposed. Control agents are made up of roller controller, mixer controller, spreading machine controller, and tipper controller.4) The actualization project of intelligentized engineering machinery of clusterIt includes: The intelligentizing alteration of single machine; actualization projects of the center agent and other control agents; the actualization project of the wireless communication system; and the actualization project of the mobile orientation system based on GPS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Engineering Machinery, Machinery of Cluster, Intelligentize, Multi-Agent, Hybrid Control
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