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A Study On The Contradictions Among The People Under The New Situation Of Resolving Democracy

Posted on:2016-07-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Lenin pointed out, "fight will disappear, contradictions will remain". Since the founding of new China, the people’s internal contradictions have new features and forms under the new situation. Since the eighteenth congress of CPC, consultative democracy① becomes the important form of socialist democracy. Based on this, my paper topic is resolve the contradictions among the people with consultative democracy under the new situation. Thesis consists of introduction, the paper’s main body part and epilogue.Introduction mainly relates to the topic of thesis, research significance, research review, research difficulties and research methods.The first part is the analysis of the contradictions among the people under new situation. Through the PX project in Kunming, Pingdu, Linwu mass events, it reflects contradictions of the environmental protection, land demolition, administrative management. I want to show that the forms and characteristics of the contradictions among the people under new situation have taken great changes. The characteristics mainly have a material interest, the livelihood of the people environmental protection contradiction is on the rise; Relevance, polymerized enhanced contradictions among the people; Frequent contradictions among the people mass incidents; Combination of online and offline much more difficult to manage. The role of information in the people’s internal contradiction is mainly manifested in the informationization makes the transmission speed faster than before, transmission range larger than before.The second part is Process and experience of consultative resolving contradictions among the people. For more than ninety years of history can be divided into three parts: the the historical process of deliberative democracy resolving contradictions among the united front before the founding of New China; tconsultative resolving contradictions among the people after the founding of new China’s; consultative resolving contradictions among the people since the reform and opening. From these historical overview, we can draw important historical experience, these experiences are: adhere to the leadership of the party; Adhere to the interests of the common goal; Resolving contradictions among the people through consultation mode., new experience of consultative handle contradictions among the people under the new situation mainly include: focus on network public opinion, listen netizens opinions; Good at using the Internet and new media; Promote the network consultation, carry out the network dialogue; Building rules and regulations in accordance with the law, safeguard the people’s participation.The third part is nature and advantages of consultative democracy resolving contradictions among the people. The nature in China are deliberative democracy is an important form of people’s democracy; ensure that people’s orderly political participation; Consultative democracy channels; realize the unity of democracy and harmony. Through consultative democracy, it has very important meaning for dealing with contradictions among the people, mainly are rich content and improvement of people’s democracy theory; Promote fairness and justice, the realization of social harmony; Promote the management ability of modern; Achieve the goal of build a well-off society in an all-round way and the Chinese dream.The fourth part is the corret concept and method of consutative democracy when deal with contradictions among the people. These concepts are that insisted on the principle of the supremacy of the people, equal dialogue, seek common ground while put aside differences. The methods are consultation before and in decision-making cdecision-making, supervision after consultation in order to enhance the effect of negotiations.The fifth part is the system of consutative democracy when handle contradictions among the people.It mainly carried out through the following aspects: First, play a role of the party leadership in the consutative democracy. Need to form a consultative democracy culture idea; Improve the leading cadres at all levels of consultative democracy consciousness; Advance consultative democracy language popularization; Build a modern communication system. Second, perfect the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultative democracy. By strengthening the party and the democratic parties inter-party consultative democracy; To strengthen the people’s political consultative conference platform for both consultative democracy. Third, perfect legislation consultation system. strengthen the construction of rules and regulations legislation consultation; Expanding the scope of the legislation consultation channels; Improve and perfect the procedure of people’s political consultative conference to participate in the legislation before the negotiation; Improve and perfect the legal consultation mechanism; Strengthen the participation of the people. Fourth,improve administrative consultation system. A sound system of government information publicity; Improve the system of rules of negotiation; consultative democracy should be brought into the evaluation system. Establish a responsibility system; strengthen the construction of a think-tank. Fifth, develop the consultative democracy of people’s organizations and social organizations. Mainly through support and improvement of people’s organizations and social organizations; Improve people’s and social organizations to participate in various channel consultation work mechanism; Expand work areas, strengthen the representative and universality of the negotiation. Sixth, a sound system of consultative democracy at the grass-roots level. strengthen grass-roots villagers autonomy authority in consultation with the party branch communication; Uphold and improve the villagers(residents) representative conference system; develop the negotiation of enterprise institutions; Improve the quality of the villagers consultative democracy at the grass-roots level.Seventh, play a positive role of new media in the consultative democracy. established new media communication mechanism; Effective use of new media platform; strengthen the construction of the new media facilities, create a good atmosphere for consultative democracy development.
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