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The Role Of Social Organizations In China 's National Governance

Posted on:2017-04-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330488455030Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Third Plenary Session of the party’s eighteen proposed modernization of the strategic objectives of national governance systems and governance capabilities, greatly expanding the state and society epitaxial space innovation and reform. Society organizations plays an increasingly important role due to their ability to improve the quality of public policy development, social cohesion and the majority of the grassroots people, promoting transformation of government functions, improving the degree of public trust in the government and following the development trend of modern,market-oriented, information technology, globalization, and future national governance.At the national governance and governance systems modernization background,governance theory transmutation occurs, governance has also undergone a change, this time, the social organizations to participate in governance is bound to become an unavoidable proposition. Development of Chinese society organizations should adhere to the fundamental guiding position of Marxism in the Reference and beyond Western society organization theory, which combines Marxist ideology Community, national social theory relations, Free People thought social development dimension of value theory is based on the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics organizational analysis framework.Since the founding of New China, the social organizations to participate in state governance has gone through different stages, depending on the nature of the various stages of policy and legal system of the country as well as the prevailing economic factors largely. In the historical process of the entire society organizations to participate in national governance, no doubt involving several key relationships: the relationship of the party and social organizations, social organizations and the government, social organizations and the market. Meanwhile, the social organization is the direct spokesperson public interest demands and the organizer of the public whose purpose is to serve the public. For this reason, we must implement the governance pattern "Multi-dimensional treatment," the shift from "two levels of governance," established party leadership, government "meta-governance", social organization and coordination,public participation in the development direction of the organization.Since the Chinese Communist Party National Congress, in particular the SixthPlenary Session of the Sixteenth Party understanding of society and social organizations to further deepen, more emphasis on the role of social organizations in social construction. Currently, the social organizations in China governance issues and features mainly reflected in: participation in national governance are mostly social organizations within the system, but the lack of participation in the breadth and depth validity pathways involved needs to be institutionalized and the like. Reasons of social organizations participating into national governance obstacles are various. First, the level of their own lack of capacity development; the second is the institutional level has not yet formed a mature modern stereotypes of social organization system; Third, the government which required the level of social organizations in the country related to governance lacks of supporting policy development; Fourth, the cultural level are mainly traditional Chinese "official position" deep-rooted culture, which has not yet formed an extensive public participation culture.Europe, East Asia, Latin America has accumulated a lot of experience in social organizations through participating in national governance. The experience is when choosing development model, we should fully consider the impact of various factors,selecting the appropriate level of their economic development, nationally appropriate political system for their own historical and cultural traditions and national conditions,social organizations in the mode of governance. The experience has three inspirations:adhere to the leading role of government in social affairs; fully stimulate the vitality of social organizations in order to play its complementary role; increase the negative effects of social organization Regulation.Proposed national governance systems and governance modernization goals is marking a new era of China’s open governance. Encouraging social organizations role in national governance has become the most urgent task, which is very important content to achieve social organizations in the institutionalization of national governance,actively change their ideas and continue to emancipate the mind. On the one hand we want to fully understand the role and the role of social organizations in the construction of the national system of systems, We should look at the development of social organization from the height of the economic and social development strategy to play its role to further improve the legal system of social organization integration policy governance system culture and other support conditions. On the other hand, we mustrespect the objective laws of social development organizations for integration into a wide range of social organizations in all areas of national governance, give full play to the role of social organizations and political governance, social governance, economic governance, culture and governance, the rule of law in the social construction of "up the stage". In order to better play the role of social organizations in the governance of the country, we should provide theoretical arguments and Countermeasures under the new normal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social organization, national governance, culture of Public participation, system construction
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