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Research On Anti - Corruption Of Sports

Posted on:2017-03-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330488455041Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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As the other countries, China conducted different anti-corruption movements. But how effective anti-corruption movement type is, which a few aspects of this way of anti-corruption work shall start from the evaluation, academic circles is still a lack of related research. This article studies The Shanxi Coal-tar Special Anti-corruption Struggle to carry out as an example in the field of empirical research, the conclusion is that:every anti-corruption movement type is closely related to the environment and the choice of the era of, and the anti-corruption movement type itself because of the improper specific work often leads to inefficient anti-corruption campaign, so we need to work and improve the executive force movement type of anti-corruption in order to achieve the ideal effect.This article first analyzed the background of The Shanxi Coal-tar Special Anti-corruption Struggle. In both at home and abroad to carry out anti-corruption movement type situation, Shanxi coal industry development, on the basis of overall status for hand over to treat, Shanxi Province to carry out the background and the reason of coal-tar domain special anti-corruption struggle, enumerated in Shanxi coal-tar corruption problem in the field of all kinds of main performance. In work target and principle analysis of special battle, the first to the field of coal tar corruption to make an estimate of the overall situation and the province team, the wide and then to the Shanxi coal tar domain corruption as a general judgment, then analyzes the basic purpose of special fight desire to achieve.Based on the investigation to the specialized practice, work in the struggle of content, structure, working time limit and the steps one-by-one, however, we study from special battles of the required funds to guarantee the performance and the capital amount. So our case investigation, the system construction of empirical research are on the basis of the analysis. The working mechanism of the special battle, work effectiveness, gain and loss after the struggle with the special social reality and related consequences to make comparison and analysis, would be to the special struggle itself as far as possible to make objective evaluation.This paper argues that, for the special battle achievements, the party and the government has maintained a relatively positive evaluation, which has achieved "a batch of six grades". Exist at the same time, also have noticed some problems but it is not properly handle the good, such as special struggle hard struggled as following, for many corruption leave evil unchecked, "a thief shout to catch a thief " corrupt anti-corruption, loose coal as the link is directly related to the interests of the gang, etc-all in Shanxi Province in 2014 severe systemic corruption, flat way.This article make an analysis from the Angle of value measure and historical scale after that special battles for the value of the people, not with special battles the properties of the works itself, but in the people’s objective actual need as a benchmark. Shanxi provincial government at the time of the historical and realistic conditions, the urgency to solve the outstanding problem is the special struggle is the inside dimensions of the value and the value. Special struggle to embody the people or the creative nature of the work the party committees and governments, but because of the difference of economy status the people inside, the needs of different subjects, and expectations of special battles sizes, both the value of the relationship between different. Tell from the historical dimension, no matter what kind of anti-corruption, special struggle, whether or not to take the "practical results" and "intended purpose" is the basic consistent.This paper argues that, objective and fair view of the special struggle, for the party and the government more effectively select is wind way of anti-corruption work, more deeply promote the reform of system and mechanism is of great significance. To this end, this paper tries to use Marxist theory analysis tool to combat corruption to make interpretation of Shanxi coal tar domain. Such as in interpretation class analysis method for tools, purposely put the special struggle in a certain social class relations in the investigation and evaluation, think combat corruption is due to the different classes of economic status and benefits, as a result of the common ideological and moral education alone to unite all classes of practice often likely to fail, is the most effective way to fight, and then think of social class struggle in the party to strengthen its own construction and carry out economic or political struggle with the most complete, the contradiction between the class struggle is the primary stage of socialism, especially in the present stage social development regularity and motivation.This paper argues that, first of all, the only reached the degree of relative rampant corruption, special anti-corruption struggle this movement type to form possible; Second, the movement is anti-corruption legal system serious out of control, the rule of law, after the failure to move; Third, anti-corruption movement is expedient were immature anti-corruption by institution, both the inevitability, also have helplessness, but it is to give the anti-corruption by institution by pressure.This article summary, in the current social reality, the anti-corruption anti-corruption movement or system, the choice itself is not the key problem. For both in normal circumstances can complement each other, which generally adopts the system of anti-corruption, prominent corruption in low utility of anti-corruption by institution, campaigning against corruption, outstanding problems resolved, still carries on the system of anti-corruption. Two anti-corruption forms or in parallel or alternately, can achieve the greatest degree of social ideal against corruption. The special struggle was effect is not ideal, is the strategic decision or system execution or action. So we must adhere to the governing party, to carry out the party party responsibility, the attitude construction requirements into the party’s thought construction, organization construction, the anti-corruption construction, system construction, improve the party’s construction work performed or the level of implementation. Such a request, but not the key to good anti-corruption movement type, also is the essence of good through all work.In this paper to study the practical significance of "anti-corruption movement type", as well as empirical research methods, because it is targeted at a specific "movement" to carry out the research; Also a reference of historical literature method, because of its main work has ended, research must use the past a lot of text data. Based on the historical data on the basis of combing, draw lessons from a variety of methods of empirical research, such as the quantitative and qualitative analysis, comparison, induction and deduction, appropriate methods such as literature research, information analysis, data analysis, comparative analysis of relevant data and documents, at the same time of item by item, narrative of events or work evaluation of above while evaluation, evaluation in above, from the overall problem, local phenomenon perspective from the overall situation to explore local problems.In this paper, the innovation lies in:First, fill in the through the empirical research of anti-corruption work history blank. Second, fills the "anti-corruption movement type" as the theme comprehensive research gap. Third, to made a objective evaluation of the anti-corruption efforts, and will be anti-corruption movement type as equally important way of anti-corruption anti-corruption by institution attention and careful study.
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