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Research On Educational Transformation And Development In Qilu University

Posted on:2014-12-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330467450155Subject:China's modern history
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This dissertation focuses on the educational transformation of Cheeloo University. During1920s,the school-running model of this University changed extensively.Firstly,the teaching management is more sinicizing than before,such as the Curriculum,the faculties, the administrators,the educational system and the school funding. Secondly,the University keened on academic research,especially in area of Chinese culture.Thirdly, the Social service consciousness and ability grew noticeably,the students’patriotic activities were quite lively.This dissertation includes the introduction,the main body,and the Conclusion.The main body contains seven chapters.Chapter One and Two explored the history and school-running model of early phase of this University.From chapter three to chapter five,the author discusses the educational transformation of Cheeloo University.Chapter six and seven analyze the reasons,the features and the influences.The history of Cheeloo University can go back to the year of1864, in this year, an American missionary,Calvin Wilson Mateer and his wife Brown Julia established a primary mission school, named Boy’s School at Tengchow.In1884,the school developed into a university level college,renamed Tengchow College.In1904,the college removed to Wei hsien, and merged into one university with Kwang teh College,which removed from Tsingchow.The new university named Shantung Union College.In1917,this college relocated in Tsinan.In addition,the Theological College also removed to Tsinan from Tsingchow.This two colleges and the Shantung Union Medical College which was established in1903in Tsinan,combined to form one big new school in1917,named Shantung Christian University,and her another name is Cheeloo University.The school-running model of early period was full of westernized characteristics. And the graduates were mainly serve Christian church.So the school was independent of Chinese social,as an isolated system.After1920,the model of school-running changed largely, for instance,the educational objective not only positioned in training missionaries,but also cultivated professional talents;The number of Chinese teachers in the management team was on the increase,and exceeded the number of western teachers;the university adopted education System in China;and the educational fund which came from Chinese society grew steadily.In one word,the model of school-running experienced a Chinese-styled transformation.Since1920S,academic research achieved durable development and prosperity.In chapter four,the author analysed the history of Sinological Research Institute,especially the achievements of Sinological Research.The third aspect of educational transformation of this university is socialization.The religion Courses was elective,and the students’religious activities was optional and free.So, the campus culture was diverse.Besides,the university raised the awareness of public service,and took part in social activities in many villages and towns. Such activities promoted the modernization of rural society.On the other hand,the students were enthusiastic to participate in Patriotic movements,patriotism was one of the topical subject of campus culture.There are three characteristics about the educational transformation of Cheeloo university.First,the university abandoned the traditional school-running model,and developed a new model,which integrating Eastern and Western culture;Secondly,the university paied more attention to cultivating noble character rather than spreading Christianity;Thirdly,the university became a multi-functional school in modern China.There are four reasons leaded to the transformation of Cheeloo university.In the first place,the secular trend occurred commonly all over the world,and exerted an effect on the Christian universities in China.In the second place,the domestic education ideological trend,especially the nationalist movement sped up the transformation. Besides,the Indigenization of Christianity in China had an impact on the development of Cheeloo university.Finally,the liberal theology spread in China and became the mainstream soon.The missionaries who possessed such theology looked forward to transformation to applied to the Chinese society.The educational transformation of Cheeloo University had a wide impact on the university itself,and on China’s education and society.And also provided lessons for the construction of the Chinese church.The transformation and development of Cheeloo University could bring us great significance for China’s higher education.
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