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Research On The Professional Development Of College Counselors

Posted on:2015-01-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330467971378Subject:Principles of Education
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Education is the basic function and task of college Teaching,management,and service, as the most important three steps,play a key role in teaching,system and activity.In this process, different subjectives have been gradually formed. Teaching gain the education task by the giving and gain of knowledge and skill, we call if "thing teaching",and expect it,student need continue and all-aspects development, this is the task of management and service. We call it "role teaching". Compared with teaching, this system is called student affairs in foreign college.Comprehensive and special division of labor, more professional workers and achieve student affairs in professional wild, these tasks will be mainly done by the counselors in our country.The counselors’system first established for the purpose of political reform, mainly responsible for " work and education in ideological and political aspects", it can be said that a feature of the University of our country. Objectively, counselors have played an irreplaceable role in the historical development of China’s colleges and universities.Along with the reform, development and progress of high education, no adapting has appeared in counselors system in the process of education, and even got into trouble. The root, is a hit between traditional universities"individual" and the modern university "all-round education" requirements in the process of the promotion from traditional simple ideological and political education to overall development.Solving this problem is not only the requirement of120000counselors who working on a claim, in a sense, it is a common request for countries, universities, instructors and the service object.The counselor as" the nearest teacher to students ", to make its work develop into a role include education, management and service in a body, become the "leader and guider"in healthy growth of college students. The fundamental way to solve the problem is to restore the educational feature of counselors,and thinking from the professional development ideas.Based on the systematic research the history of counselor development, we has gained the fact of professional development, and summarized the key roles of it. Our research perview delete all the debate of occupation, profession, and theory in the past face the problem of "development" immediately in a professional development view. Through the investigation and analysis different dimensions and different levels related to counselor work to clarify the current situation of counselor development, analyzes the main problems of our country’s counselor development. And by comparing with the foreign student affairs development, summarize the experiences from the developed countries and regions, in many aspects such as the staff training, management, and using. And learn the model to improve ourselves.. Based on analyzed the job of counselor comprehensively, combined with the actual development of Chinese colleges and universities, come up with the measures and suggestions of counselor professional development.This basic research solute the practical problem at the same time, the research ideas is as follow:The first chapter:introduction. First put forward the research origin from necessity and feasibility, to review the previous study and practice, including the theoretical level to where? Practice how to? Based on the problem analysis, theoretical solution to find research foundation, proposed the research ideas and thoughts. According to the research needs, determine the main research methods.The second chapter:the theoretical definition of the professional development of College counselors. The core concept of this study define, interpret the significance of professional development of counselors, the counselors professional development core elements, according to the needs, select the theory of teacher professional development, human resource management theory as the theoretical basis for research.The third chapter:the overview of domestic and foreign system of university counselors and students’affairs development. The research, from the professional perspective to "politics-Double-professional" for the development of our country’s college counselors combing the history of the system and summarized the historical characteristics. According to the research approach of analysis, carries on the investigation to the development of college counselors and analyze the existing problems. The representative case selection of domestic and foreign, through the study on its process, concept, practical effect and development trend, summarized the common characteristics, draw experience available.The fourth chapter:analysis of the work of counselors. The theory of human resource management method of job analysis, the theory of teacher professional development under the support of counselors, occupation role, responsibilities and quality of a comprehensive analysis, and on this basis, construction of counselor professional development quality and ability structure framework, provide support for the proposed the following countermeasures and suggestions. The fifth chapter:solve the counselors’professional development countermeasures and suggestions. Strategies and suggestions for counselors professional development training, covering from training, management, protection and all other links, including:to establish a framework for counselors professional standards; to construct the pre, post integration of professional education and training system; to perfect the system of system, mechanism safeguard to qualification resources based; establish professional management pattern special division.According to this article, the analysis is not comprehensive, many views are not very mature, for future research and practice to further enrich and improve the. After all, in the final analysis is the internal cause of the professional development of counselors into issued on the effects of external factors, so expect policy system stabilization and long-acting, looking forward to the internal development and external power powerful combination, the ultimate goal to achieve "professional" the counselor development.
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