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Research On Teaching Life In The View Of Process Philosophy

Posted on:2016-11-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1107330470984161Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Process philosophy is also known as philosophy of organism or philosophy of activity. It takes process and activity as the fundamental characteristics of organism, and holds the view that the whole world consists of the procedural and continually creative activity of organism. In recent years, process philosophy’s impact on education and teaching has become increasingly apparent, and more and more researchers have applied the process thinking to the study of teaching process and the practical exploration of subject teaching. With deeply analyzing and reviewing the real teaching life perceived from the mechanistic worldview of substantial thinking, this thesis has realized that the organic character of teaching life in school had already been dismembered ruthlessly for a long time. It just follows the producing path of technical operation to train examination machines and tools, neglecting the concern for the life significance and value of man. In order to change the current mode of teaching life, we must contemplate the theoretical framework, research approach and thinking pattern of the traditional teaching theory, and make a breakthrough. Only by regarding teaching life as a sensual practice and making educators integrate into it to get across, can we change our superficial and mechanical cognition of it.By sorting and analyzing process philosophy and its thinking quality comprehensively, and reviewing the practice of teaching life, this research interprets the intrinsic implication of constructing teaching life in the perspective of process philosophy. Meanwhile, by exploring in depth some key factors (e.g. teacher, student, curriculum, teaching environment and event in teaching life, etc.) that constitute the organism of teaching life, and taking the generation, succession, integration, relation, event and creation as core concepts to deeply analyze and review the teaching life as organism, this research tries to break through the teaching theory research logic which is long-term monopolized by substantial thinking. This thesis focuses on process philosophy’s nature of rhythm and relation to survey the development of teachers and students in teaching life, thought of process and integration to analyze the curriculum construction in teaching life, trait of interaction and succession to reflect the environment construction in teaching life, and feature of event’s connectivity to draw an ecological, integrated and creative picture of teaching life based on the organism theory.Surveying teaching life through process philosophy is established in the reflection on the full development of modernity and on human being’s existence mode and the malpractice of education and teaching of the mechanistic worldview, and also the response to the practice request of the curriculum reform of quality-oriented education and basic education in the present. Constructing teaching life with the theoretical path of process philosophy is not teaching content or method itself, but the reform of concept and thinking mode. Constructing teaching life through process philosophy makes substantive and mechanized tool thought be replaced by organic process, relation and event thought. It thinks that the intrinsic teacher, student, curriculum and teaching environment of teaching life are intrinsically linked, and the close connection contributes to various events of teaching life’s internal generation and conversion. In the process of the generation, development and conversion of the various events, the "mutual-ingested" and "interdependent" "community" teacher-student relationship is formed, the rhythmic development of teachers and students is facilitated, the interconnected and integrated curriculum is created, and furthermore, the teaching life begins to walk out of the cage of classroom and school and return to nature, society and ourselves. Therefore, constructing teaching life through process philosophy is not only extremely essential, but also quite possible. In realistic education theory research and practice, improving teaching life in process has already gradually become people’s common sense, and action has been on the way......
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