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A Comparative Study On The Development Of Higher Art Education In Malaysian Chinese

Posted on:2017-02-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330488957370Subject:A Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Art
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This article obtains from the emergence of new fine arts ed ucation in modern China, wa s created during the process of its historical developm ent in one hundred, the im pact on the Malaysian Chinese higher fine arts education and development to make a comparative study. Especially for British m alaya in bef ore the en d of colonial rule(is before independence in 1957), overseas Chinese art community of activ e contact with the western art of comm on development to the late 1960 s impact on higher art education system in Malaysia, leaving three fine arts education development present situation to spread a comparative study of the Chinese education thought. First, from the British colonial government handicraft art orientation in the early years of the m ainstream art education as a ruling strategy, between the leading and replaced in the overseas Chinese arts education idea, the nature of the original art orientation and aesthetic orientation of the confrontation, prompting the fine arts education in Malaysia under the cracks of the fine arts curriculum implementation in a quandary and challenges; Secondly, a Malaysian local overseas Chinese society is governed by the crown colony of national education policy and the late in the process of the development of higher education, appear all sorts of issues of identity, at th e same time to create the south or the second generation painter strongly into the tide of colonial culture, and jointly crea te a native of nanyang art culture to change; Third, the Britis h colonial government ministry of education system of fine arts curriculum education qualifications target into the ar t education of coexistence and multicultural development target, indirect and intersection of malaya islamic introduction of assi milation education policy and goal of vocational education. A iming for these three problems, this article attempts through the comparative study was able to solve and analysis before and after the e nd of the British colonial governm ent rule 50 years, Chinese art education system transfer to Malay sia higher fine arts education im plementation caused the profound influence of the national a ssimilation, especially in the cultivation of the art design talent, inheriting the fin e arts education teach ing concept and stru cture of design and art, inspired each big power of art colleges and uni versities in Malaysia, which is followed by the rise of the east and west the setting of higher fine arts education sys tem and teaching system implementation situation to make the comparison of a macro level, from the perspective of the history and sociology it is concl uded that the change of higher fi ne arts education in Malaysia and inheritance of meaning.
Keywords/Search Tags:The British colonial government, higher education of fine arts, China, Malaysia, Chinese
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