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Human Capital Structure, Income Gap And Growth Momentum

Posted on:2015-03-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1109330452450581Subject:Industrial Economics
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The inclusive growth is a moral growth which all people fair to participate in social development and equal sharing of development results, which the core content is the progress of education, income growth, sustainable economic growth. Progress of education, fairness of income and sustainable growth have internal consistency and correspondence with improving the structure of human capital, narrowing the income gap and sustaining economic growth.Thereby, the research on the analysis framework of inclusive growth theory can be more systematically explore the experience and strategy of the coordinated development of the three equilibrium, also can greatly enrich inclusive growth theory system.The full text mainly research contents and views are as follows:First of all, the thesis illustrates the basic content of inclusive growth theory to provide theoretical basis for the full text. At the same time, the thesis reconstructs the essential factor of human capital, and other core content of human capital theory. And, based on the causes of the income gap between urban and rural areas, measures and evaluation benchmark, the path of evolution, and the influence mechanism of carding and interpretation, it constructs the theory system of the income gap.Secondly, according to the statistical characteristic and the empirical research conclusion, this paper finds out the evolution path of human capital structure, the income gap and economic growth of China’s regional, and reveals the correlation of the three internal evolution mechanisms. According to the results of economic development from low level to high level development in the process of the evolution of the human capital structure, the path of income gap are showed the characteristics of "inverted U" curve, and the economic growth momentum in three stages of economic development shows the characteristics of "inverted U" type, but the evolution of human capital structure and economic development stage and no significant correlation.Again, based on the perspective of the optimization of industrial structure, the thesis builds the theoretical analysis framework, which the optimization of industrial structure drives mechanism of human capital investment that are help for improving the structure of the human capital, narrow the income gap. It thinks the upgrading of industrial structure will promote the adjustment of human capital investment intensity and structure, on the one hand, to promote the structural adjustment and optimization of human capital; on the other hand, in the long run significantly increased employment ability and the average income, narrowing the income gap between urban and rural areas, and the empirical study confirmed the basic idea is scientific.Finally, the thesis clarifies the link mechanism of the structure of human capital, the income gap and economic growth momentum. The direct, indirect and the overall relationship in the immediate and long-term existence among three have been found, and three intrinsic mechanism has been part of the validation through the endogenous distribution lag simultaneous equation model.Based on statistical research and qualitative research, it is concluded that four advice, and gives five policy implications for promoting the human capital structure, the income gap and economic growth to coordinate balance development.
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