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Research On Mobile Internet Business Model’s Innovation Strategies Under The Background Post-3G

Posted on:2016-01-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Under the context of 3G, the integration of mobile communication and Internet results in Mobile Internet that supports and promotes the development of the information society. In the era of 3G and beyond, data information business becomes the new economic growth point of the national economy. International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN specialized agency for Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), published the latest global Internet annual report, "July 2012 saw, for the first time, per capita usage of Mobile Internet exceeding PC Internet usage and the gap has been widening ever since. By the end of 2013 the number of global Internet users reached 2.7 billion and Mobile Internet subscriptions stood at 6.8 billion. By the end of 2014, Mobile Internet clients had raised billions of wireless search requests every day worldwide." All this brings huge business opportunities that enterprises in the Mobile Internet industry can leverage to grow and develop.This paper first analyzes the economic value of Mobile Internet products as well as the value proposition, value logic and value net structure of the Mobile Internet industry, based on which it proposes that enterprises in the Mobile Internet industry should deepen their parallel cooperation so as to integrate into the value net. In contrast to the traditional value chain, value net features high levels of complexity and openness. Consequently, the market forces of the participating enterprises are ever-changing due to the decomposition and reconstruction of the value net. Therefore, it is imperative for these enterprises to adopt innovative business models in order to gain competitive edge and adapt to the development of the post-3G business.In this paper, the author first established the framework of analyzing the Mobile Internet business model innovation in post-3 G era from the perspective of the value net theory. Furthermore, the author makes a full exploration on the business model innovation strategies in the Mobile Internet era under the context of post-3G by elaborating the characteristics of Mobile Internet data business. At last, the author analyzes some typical cases under the guidance of Grounded Theory to provide illustration for the points made here.In the studies of Superior Customer Value-based business model innovation, this paper explores the impact that 5M Factors, Market Segmentation and Experiential Marketing of Mobile Internet services exert on Superior Customer Value, and leads to the motive, paths and strategies of Superior Customer Value-based business model innovation. Moreover, in the researches of Core Capability-based business model innovation, this paper holds that Mobile Internet participants, including telecom operators, terminal manufacturers, content and application providers as well as platform vendors, position themselves in the Mobile Internet value net in accordance with their core capabilities. When it comes to the investigation of the Relationship-based business model innovation, this paper explains that the pursuit of diversified economic rents is the motive of Relationship-based business model innovation for the enterprises in the Mobile Internet industry, whereas the increment of overall value and the value distribution model innovation in the value net are the paths, and then the paper summarizes several possible strategies accordingly.The originality of this paper lies in the following aspects:firstly, it presents the derivation of the business model innovation theory based on the business model theory and enterprise innovation theory while establishing the framework of analyzing the Mobile Internet business model innovation in post-3 G era from the perspective of the value net theory. Secondly, it reveals the motive, paths and possible strategies of the Mobile Internet business model innovation under the context of post-3 G. Thirdly, it is the first time that some paper has explored the Superior Customer Value-based business model innovation strategies from the standpoint of the optimal matching between Mobile Internet service characteristics and Customer Delivered Value in post-3G era. Fourthly, it adopts the viewpoints of different Mobile Internet participants and comes to the conclusion that in the age of Mobile Internet, operators, terminal manufacturers as well as content and application providers can integrate the industry value net innovatively and serve as the core enterprises in the value net on the basis of core Capability-based business model innovation. Lastly, this paper analyzed and designed the profit model and value distribution model of the Mobile Internet value net.What’s more, this paper carefully selects the experience of two representative Mobile Internet enterprises in the post-3 G era as the case in point. Through the case analysis and studies from the perspective of Grounded Theory, this paper demonstrates that the enterprises in the Mobile Internet industry can achieve outstanding performance if they integrate Superior Customer Value-based, Core Capability-based and Relationship-based business model innovation together and ultimately establish Customer—Core Capability—Relationship business model. These case studies further verify the motive, paths and strategies of Mobile Internet business model innovation.In the post-3G era,4G and 5G licenses have been issued with our globe has seen the twilight of Mobile Internet, propelling the enterprises in the Mobile Internet industry to accelerate their strategic deployments. The above strategies can help the wireless Internet participants gear up for the Mobile Internet era by offering them more strategic choices.
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