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Research On Quality System Evolution And Its Evaluation Method Based On Biological Evolution Perspective

Posted on:2015-11-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330470965124Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Based on the National Social Science Foundation of China "Research on the mode and method of quality control of major equipment products in China" (12&ZD206) and the National Basic Research Program of P. R. China "Research on key scientific issues of super large and low power consumption complex air separation equipment" (973 Program, No.2011CB706505), the thesis entitled "Research on Quality System Evolution and Its Evaluation Method Based on Biological Evolution Perspective" is proposed, researches of quality system variation method, evaluation of quality system survival status, and development of quality system survival strategy of complex equipment products are carried out.In chapter 1:The development of product quality management theories is expounded. The research status of quality system and the intersection theory of biological evolution and product quality are summarized. And the research background and significance of the thesis are analyzed, after which the research contents and general framework are provided.In chapter 2:Theoretical basis of quality system evolution is expounded. Analysis the scope and characteristics of quality ecosystem, and the quality system evolution is compared with biological evolution to get the similarities and differences. The concepts of quality system genetic and variation are stated. Thus, the research framework of quality system evolution and evaluation method based on biological evolution perspective is put forward.In chapter 3:With the introduction of biological evolution theory into the establishment of quality system, the quality DNA model and quality gene configuration method are proposed. Firstly, the concepts of product quality DNA, quality gene, quality gene loop and quality genome are expounded, and product quality DNA model are built. Secondly, quality gene configuration model that supports traceability and transmit of customer need information is built which can realized the synergy of quality demand and quality gene. Finally, a case of a machining center is given to verify the validity of the model.In chapter 4:Research on the conflict recognition and elimination method in the process of quality gene configuration. Defining quality characterization self-conflict and mutual conflict and giving their identification method based on "Theory of Constraints"(TOC), and realizing elimination of conflict by applying "Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems" (TRIZ), and a case of machining center verifying the validity of the method.In chapter 5:Proposing a kind of method that carrying economic analysis on QGC based on quality comprehensive cost. The traditional quality cost calculation method is improved and quality comprehensive cost model is built. The economic analysis of QGC is carried out through three steps as getting growth rate of customer cognitive price, annual increment of quality comprehensive cost and enterprise benefit. In this way, quality system and the market were all with pleasure.In chapter 6:Evaluation method of quality system survival status is proposed based on quality ecological environment and quality operation strategy. Building quality ecological adaptability evaluation indicator system based on altruism through analysis of the quality system adaptability to macro-environment and micro-environment. Building quality operation strategy evaluation indicator system based on self-interest through analysis of quality operation strategy. Evaluate the quality system survival status based on the two indicator systems using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and a case of machining center verifying the validity of the method.In chapter 7:The quality system survival decision model is built by studying the benefit competitiveness, market competitiveness, industry competitiveness, and environmental adaptation of the quality system. The relationships between elements are analyzed based on system dynamics theory, and forming causal relationship diagram and system flow diagram. The prediction of quality system survival ability is realized and quality business strategy is formulated through its quantitative analysis and validation.In chapter 8:The research contents and innovations of the thesis are summarized and the future studies of quality system evolution methods based on biological evolution are prospected.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality system, Quality DNA, Quality gene configuration, Quality system genetic and variability, Quality economy, Quality comprehensive cost, Self-conflict and mutual conflict, Quality operation strategy, Strategic realization degree
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