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Study On The Performance Of "college-graduate Village Official" Policy

Posted on:2012-07-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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To select and engage college-graduates in the position of village officials, to encourage and guide them to villages are the pioneer step to strengthen the building of village officials team and train the backbone of the new rural construction. It is also the fundamental policy to create an official training chain from the first-line basic-level cadres, which is of significance to promote the reform and development in the new condition. It has been 16 years since Jiangsu province took the lead in selection of college-graduates village officials. Now the policy has become a regular work for the team building of CCP cadres, political leaders, and the talents. College-graduate village officials are gradually becoming the pool of the CCP cadres'candidates and strategic resources of the talents. According to such a policy, the essay presents some suggestions from the author's working experience and understanding of the policy, in expectation of improving the performance level of the policy.By reviewing the emergence, development, and prevalence of the policy of college-graduate village officials, the author believes that it breaks the barrier of urban-rural talents circulation, promotes the rational allocation of talents'resources from cities to villages, remedy the defects of some village officials (high age level, low educational level, antiquated ideas), improves the team construction of the basic-level cadres, and tamps the Party's reigning foundation in the rural areas. In general, the policy has received a good response from the rural basic-level cadres, villagers, and people from all walks of life, which has made encouraging achievements. However, there are also some practical problems in its implementation, such as the embarrassed status of the college-graduates village officials, lower salary, imperfect related laws and regulations, which restricts deeper implementation of the policy and influences the further realization of the aim. Under the current situation, the author puts forward the idea that the analysis of the"college-graduates village official"policy should been carried out not only in theory but also in practice; it's more important to find a practical solution to it. Therefore, the author emphasizes the performance evaluation of the"college-graduate village official"policy and the adoption of the quantitative analysis, together with the qualitative analysis which is commonly used. Based on the survey data collected from the college-graduate village officials in Jilin Province, the essay evaluates the performance of the policy by SMART principle and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Model, attempts to seek the restrictive elements and the deficiencies during the implementation of the policy, and accordingly puts forward proposals and measures, with the expectation of providing reference to the improvement of the policy's performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:the"college-graduate village official"policy, implementation performance, new rural construction
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