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Research On Integration Of Chengdu Urban And Rural E-government Public Information Service

Posted on:2012-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330338466675Subject:Organization and management of public works
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With With the development of the reform and opening up and the deepening of the market economy, urbanization is accelerating rapidly, while the development of rural areas is relatively lagging behind. And as the information is gradually changing urban residents'way of life and their lifestyle, the rural residents rarely experience such kind of changes. Due to gaps of the information infrastructure and the access to information between urban and rural areas, the information gap is further widening, thus hindering the exchange of information and impeding the rural areas'social and economic development as well as the construction of the urban-rural integration.The E-government has developed for more than 20 years in China. In these years, e-government has acted as an effective means in Chinese Government's reform and development, promoted the Chinese government's administrative system reform and transformation of business processes, and achieved the network and informatization of the public affairs, making the government more efficient, transparent, fair and just. The growing popularity of the Web has made the public information service more important by means of e-government; especially during the process of promoting the urban-rural integration, various kinds of public information services on agriculture, employment, social security and medical treatment have enabled both the urban and rural residents to acquire information timely and accurately, thus bridging the gap of information service between urban and rural areas and providing information support and service insurance in the process pf promoting of urban-rural integration.This paper firstly introduces contents and features of e-government public information services'and then describes the mode of the e-government public information services' integrated and personalized services, establishes the evaluation index of the e-government pubic information service and evaluated the e-government pubic information service in 12 districts and counties by means of network data analysis. Based on this, this paper analyzes the status quo of the gap of informatization between urban and rural areas of Chengdu from an empirical perspective, thus extracting out the function of the e-government pubic information service in promoting the urban-rural integration. Finally, through combining the previous analysis, it studies the realization way of the e-government public information service.Through the analysis, we found that the deference in e-government public information service level is not obvious in all districts and counties of Chengdu. Ostensibly, the e-government public information service level in all districts and counties of Chengdu has already reached a high level in technology effectiveness, scale profit and validity. Although the technical input is necessary, it is not the major factor. The more important thing is how to strengthen the management, and to fully exert the effectiveness of the e-government public information service through changing the e-government public information service's ways of supply. Secondly, to increase the information infrastructure investment is the primary task in reducing the level of urban and rural differences in information. Because when the information technology infrastructure has not reached a certain level, environment of the information development and the level of information technology application contribute little to the urban-rural information, or even a negative impact on it. In addition, the amount of computers and mobile phones owned in urban and rural areas has become a key factor in influencing the level of information. This has also explained that new communication means such as computers and cell phones has become a main form in the process of promoting urban-rural integration, and it has played an important role in the construction of the urban-rural information. Finally, the government must provide public information service from the perspective of the public, and provide personalized public information services through the use of information means, making e-government public information services really play its effectiveness to further promote the construction of urban-rural integration.The potential value of this paper lies in that it establishes the e-government public information service evaluation system, analyzes the information gap between the urban and rural areas in Chengdu and explores the realization way of the e-government public information service in the urban-rural integration process.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-government, Public Information Service, Urban-rural Integration, Chengdu City
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