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The Research On The Role Of Government In Public Service Of Integration Of Urban And Rural In Suzhou City

Posted on:2014-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398971335Subject:Administrative Management
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Public service of integration of urban and rural is an important content of urbanand rural integration, which is put forward as a great proposition about the gapbetween urban and rural areas in public service, meanwhile the public service ofintegration of urban and rural development is determined to whether we build a well-offsociety or not, build a harmonious society or not and achieve modernization or notsuccessfully. Public service of integration of urban and rural is promoted and spread bythe government in our country, as the representative of public interests, governmentdominant position can not be replaced, so it should take the main responsibility of thepublic service supply. It is obvious that the prior to carry and try on public service ofintegration of urban and rural in Suzhou City may provide reference for other areas.Since the reform and opening up, public service of the integration of urban and rural inSuzhou City has been covering exploration, start, deepening stage. With establishingthe mechanism of leading group, building planning policy framework, implementingthe mechanism of typical demonstration, breaking binary census register system,setting up a special fund for the reform, strengthening the construction of newcommunity etc, Suzhou City has made preliminary achievements. Due to economicand social development of other areas in different stage, especially there are somemore prominent problems, such that the transformation of government functions is notin place, the financial investment loses balance, the household registration systemreform remains a mere formality, and the public service supply main body is single,so the promotion of Suzhou characteristic experience meets the real predicament. IfSuzhou City advances public service of integration of urban and rural to further, itshould adjust the top strategy design, strengthen the service consciousness, improvethe public finance system and cultivate multivariate supply main body to realizegovernment innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service, the integration of urban and rural areas, the role ofgovernment
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