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Marx And Engels Private Law Thinking

Posted on:2013-01-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330362964872Subject:History of development of Marxism
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Marxism is a very complicated and giant system including civil law thougts. Butfor a very long time, peple can not be sure civil law should be exsit or not in socialcountries because Lenin had said there is no civil law in social countries although wehave found civil law in practice. So it is not odd that Marxism civil law is seldommentioned. To solve the problem, We should study the principle of ontology, valueand methodology of civil law thoughts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in earnest.The two great thinkers found civil law exists wiht public law, and at the early times, itturnned up with the form of change rules and between tribes not in one tribe. In detail,civil law turnned up with private ownership at the same time. After that, it was a longtime before civil law had chances to grow when commodity economy was booming.In other words, civil law depends on commodity economy, so it has differentcharacters through different historical stages. What Marx and Engels had done is tosummarize its laws on that especailly on capitalistic civil law. They still regarded thatcivil law is very important in transitional stage because it is a crucail tool. At last, wecan extract the heart of the mentioned thoughts and it is Historical Materialism. Justbecause this, Marxism civil law thoughs is distinguished from the past civil lawthoughts.In accordance with Historical Materialism, there is a very close relation betweencivil law and commodity economy and ownership. So, Lenin's words just deniedcapitalistic civil law and not social civil law. Under the socailist market economysystem, we should set and use civil law more and more. On in this way, we can gripthe rule of commodiyt economy and propel the soceity forward.
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