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Study On Transnational Direct Investment Of Ocean Shipping Industry

Posted on:2002-09-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032454590Subject:Management disciplines and projects
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With the rapid development and accelerated progress of the world economic integration, fueled by the constant upgrading of productivity and science and technology, the transnational company has gained unprecedented prosperity as the strong power in the international economic relation. Under the global competition in the world shipping market, internationally oriented ocean shipping companies are becoming increasingly involved in the transnational business through various forms, to maximize the worldwide profit by operating at an economical scale. By systematic analysis, this paper provides a deep insight into transnational investment of ocean shipping company. Development and separating of shipping market, the forming and development process of tramp and liner market, and theirs management characteristics are provided in this paper. The definition, basic form and characteristics of transnational management of ocean shipping companies are also given here. Some shortcomings are pointed out here about the several typical theories on ocean shipping companies?transnational investment, which are now often used to guide the transnational management. Appropriate theory is used here to analyze the different factors of multinational investment ability, attraction arising from the inherent advantage of different global business areas and motivation for multinational investment and so on. Study is made on investment theory and method of area selection. The best country or region to be invested can be determined through evaluation and comparison on investment environment and some other factors. Evaluation index system for the targeted areas can be established by investigation and research on the existing multinational shipping company, collection and organization and analysis of related information and consulting exports. By using Delphi/AHPIFuzzy synthetic rating method, quantifying investment area and well reaching final answer, this paper puts forwards quantitative evaluating method according to above system, providing basis for preliminary selection of the targeted area. After the preliminary selection area is provided to the decision maker through evaluating and sequencing all this area, the following problems are: choice between transnational subsidiary company and branch; choice between joint venture and wholly owned subsidiary, if transnational subsidiary company is to be established; determining stockbolding proportion; choice between establishment and purchasing. Based on the above problems, the investment strategy can be determined as to the country, regions and forms. This paper provides a multi-stage decision making method through selecting and then quantifying the qualitative indexes, which can be called as Generalized Approach for the Qualitive Index Quantitied in Multi-phases Decision? The multi-stage decision model is established here to seek the optimal strategy by the DP method.
Keywords/Search Tags:ocean shipping industry, transnational management, areas selection, investment partnership, Fuzzy synthetic rating, multi-stage decision
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