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Interactive Mechanism Between City Planning And Urban Land Price

Posted on:2002-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032956464Subject:Land Resource Management
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With the improvement of urban planning system and its strengthen affection, also with the raising of land marketing level, the interaction between urban planning and land price becomes more and more remarkable. The mutual influence between them has the characteristic of multi條ayers and multi梐ngles. This paper studies the complex relationship and analysis it from two aspects through theories and example. On one side, making an inquiry into the city planning?s influence on land price: from microscopic view, city planning plays an important role in land allocation, distribution and structure, which determines the whole land price level and its spatial distribution and land price rank system. From microcosmic view, city planning makes an effect on a plot through the control of the use and intensity of land. On the other hand, under land marketing mechanism, the land price law plays an important role on readjusting land function on the reverse, it promotes the adjustment on urban land distribution planning. So it becomes a guide in urban land planning through analyzing on land value rank.This thesis concludes six sections as following:Part 1 consists of chapter 1 which is introduction. It narrates this articles research background and significance. Meanwhile it summarizes researching trend in internal and external countries.Part 2 gives the theory basic of this article, from six aspects, mainly explains and narrates how the relation which between land planning and land price existing and acting to each other?Part 3 including chapter 3,4 and chapter 5, which is the key part of the article. On one hand, this part makes a concrete analysis of the affect caused by urban planning from macroscopic and microcosmic view. On the other hand, elaborating the affect caused by land price.The last part draws a conclusion through analyzing Shenzhen City, and79suggest that we should consider city planning when appraising urban land price and make use of the land price rank system while making a choice about city planning programme. All is in order to raise land梪sing efficiency.
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