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China's Urban Land Market Development Problems

Posted on:2002-12-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032954879Subject:Agricultural economics and management
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Urban lands are the physical carrier of urban economic social development and valuable economic resources. Urban land markets is a very important component in the system of market economy. The running state of urban land markets has direct influence on the urban economy of a country or a region and can even affect the development of the whole national economy. Thus, making use of the successful experience in constructing the land markets obtained by countries that have well-developed market economy, doing in-depth research on the developmental state and the operational laws of the urban land markets in China, and exploring the systematic running approach of Chinese urban land markets would prove to have very important theoretical and practical value for administering sustainable development of national economy in China. With esearches on the Development Problems of the Urban Land markets in China?as its central theme, this paper chiefly studied the problems of non-standard running in the development of Chinese urban land markets during the period from 1978 to 2000. Starting with the property rights of Chinese urban lands, its supply-demand and its market prices, this paper analyzed the system reasons and the structure reasons that imposed obstacles to the Chinese urban land markets, and discussed the effects of the non-standard development of the urban land markets, particularly the negative effects on the allocation efficiency of urban lands, with the intention to find out the approaches and measures for solving the major problems existing in the development of ChinaŠŐ» urban land markets. The basic thought of this study goes as follows: on the basis of market investigations and surveys, in the full application of market theories, particularly the research findings in property economics theories and land rent and land price theories, the study would systematically analyze the developmental history of Chinese urban land market and its state of affairs such as structure features, subjective and objective particularities, assessing and evaluating the development status of present Chinese urban land markets; then through the examination of the property rights system of the Chinese urban lands, the government action and the running state of the urban land markets, the study would reveal the major problems in the development of Chinese urban land markets; then by analysis of the effects of non-standard 1 .The basic domains of urban land markets. 2.Theories of urban land markets development. The problem analysis of the Chinese urban land markets development Analysis of the effects of non- standard Chinese urban land markets development of Chinese urban land markets 1. Non-standard acts of urban land markets subjective 2. Defects of urban lands property rights system 3. Imperfect order of urban land markets 4. Irrational prices of urban land markets land markets 1 .The effects of non-standard urban on the running of macro economy 2.The effects of non-standard urban land markets on the efficiency of urban lands allocation 3.The non-standard urban land markets and the loss of state property 4.The effects of non-standard urban on the efficiency of micro economy 1. System reasons 2. Structure reasons 3. Management reasons 4. Ineffective role of supply in guiding and controlling the demand 5. Irrational distri...
Keywords/Search Tags:urban land markets, development, standardization, lands allocation efficiency, government's control and adjustment
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