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China's Urban Land-use Efficiency

Posted on:2006-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R Z ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152988209Subject:National Economics
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City is where mankind acts, which is a platform for mankind to produce and consume in a concentrated space. Urbanization promotes the efficiency of land , utilization. The efficiency of urban-land utilization is not only a problem of resource allocation, but also a thing that matters living quality and sustainable development of human beings. However, defects exist in the structure of urban land utilization in China, that is, intensive usage is of a low level, much land was left unused in a disordered market, land income suffered great losses and little income flew into national revenue as well as lacking of safeguard measures.To enhance efficiency of urban land utilization is on one hand to meet demand of profit maximization pursued by land users and on the other hand to improve living welfare of its habitants and be helpful to natural resources and environmental protection.This paper explores the necessity and meanings of urban land utilization efficiency and introduces foreign land-utilization theories and related researches by domestic specialists. Relevant standards of land utilization are introduced and theoretical evaluation standards of urban land utilization are drawn through theoretical analysis.Secondly, through employment of collected data positive analysis is applied to overall effectiveness of national urban land utilization and utilization efficiency of urban land internal structure; through comparison of acreage per capita, capacity of established zones and land productivity with foreign city's, the overall effectiveness of national urban land utilization is convinced to be low; although there is no specific standards for rational structure of urban land utilization, our national utilizing structure is inappropriate compared with overseas city.Thereafter, detailed analysis is focused on factors that affect urban land utilization efficiency, based on which approaches and suggestions are concluded to improve efficiency of our national urban land utilization.Looking into the future, to establish safeguard system of a high effectiveness of our national urban land utilization, reform of current land property mechanism is necessary, and public management system for land utilization is to be improved, and especially to specify ownership of urban land property and new market relation between agricultural land and urban land based on urban city confiscation so as to make compensation to agricultural land matched with its price and to realize a higher utilization efficiency on the base of proper protection of agricultural land; and to strengthen land utilizing planning and its control on city structure and its development; to accelerate the speed of commercialization of land in the market to promote land utilizing technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Land, Land Utilization, Utilization Efficiency Population Density, Land Productivity
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