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The Industrial Structure Regulation & Industrial Policy Research In Economic Globalization

Posted on:2003-10-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360062495806Subject:Political economy
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Nowadays the world economy is undergoing an accelerated globalization in which no country can be dissociated beyond the world economic system. There is every reason to believe that China, as one of the economic big country in the 21st century, should be a full participant in the modelling of economic and trade competition rules of the present century. Through painstaking efforts, China is now shortening the course of merging into the globalized world economy. China's accession into WTO has made it unavoidable the participation in the international competition. The industrial structure adjustment of a certain area is no longer the attention of a particular region or country only and should be considered from a global point of view. The development trend of the present industrial structure demonstrates that the industrial structure transformation in the world has been going to a higher grade, i.e. instead of the traditional aim of a coordinated proportion of industrial branches, a better disposition and re - disposition of the resources (the transfer of the .resources from one branch to another), elevated efficiency and optimized structural returns are the goals to go after in the drive of industrial upgrading. The industrial structure promotion has become an important sign and objective reflection of the economic development as well as a key factor in the further development of the e-conomy.In recent two decades, Fujian economy has been undergoing an accelerated growth which has been initiated by China' s adoption of the Opening - To - The - Outside policy and the most significant system change from the planned economy to the socialist market economy. In the development of the exterior - oriented economy, the industrialization in Fujian province not only has been freed from the traditional modes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial gradual transformations in a closed economy, but also has successfully surpassed the bond of a low -Iefficiency funds formation in the industrialized acceleration by inter -industries profits accumulation. The expansion in foreign trade has enlarged the market; the accumulation in labor and capital has achieved comparative advantages; the introduction of foreign investments and non - public ownership capitals through market opening has freed the government from the role of the sole industrial engine in the planned e-conomy and all these combine to help the province to have successfully passed through the initial stage of industrialization within a very short period. The speedy industrial structure development in the province has brought about a number of leading industries possessing international competitive capability, the shaping of which took nearly a hundred years in developed market - economy countries. The economic growth in Fujian province proves the general principles of industrial structure theory, international trade theory and the new growths theory. Nevertheless, the interpretation by the development economics meets the case in a more suitable way. As the exterior- oriented economic development mode of Fujian province, which starts from final products branches and takes light industry and high - tech industries as the focal points in an unbalanced economic promotion has been realized inside China, a large country which adopted the planned economy and close -up policy and concentrated on chemical industry, other heavy industries and agricultural developments for a long time, the assistance and mutual economic complements in chemical industry, other heavy industries and agriculture are readily available from other regions across the country and the province' s mode of the unbalanced economic promotion and structure adjustment is just the demand in the internally and externally economic balance. Right now, Fujian province is found in the development stage of an accelerated industrialization. The expanded funds and the further growth of the leading industries in the province have to be dealt with and the task of more painstaking structure readjustment isfacing...
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic globalization, Industrial structure adjustment, Fujian economic growth
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