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Economic Globalization, China's Industrial Structure Upgrading Strategy Study

Posted on:2003-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095961033Subject:Systems Engineering
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Economic globalization is the main tendency of the current world economy, and it draws much attention. Since the opening up and economic reform, China has been participating in economic globalization to a deeper degree. Economic globalization, which is led by developed countries and driven by MNCS (multinational companies), is a process of worldwide industrial restructuring. So it must influence the upgrading of industrial structure in China very much. Therefore, researching how to accomplish the upgrading of China's industrial structure smoothly is of great significance in both theory and practice.Nowadays, China is at the middle stage of industrialization, and there are some problems in the industrialization. With this new round of worldwide industrial restructuring, it is very necessary and urgent to upgrade our country's industrial structure. The trend of economic globalization increasingly strengthens, which brings new opportunities and challenges. In this case, it is important to upgrade industrial structure through using and harmonizing trade policy and industrial policy. In the first place, the paper studies the trade policy. In this part, On the basis of reviewing the relevant trade theory, including traditional mainstream trade theory, infant industry protection, "new" trade theory and competitive advantage theory, it puts forward that the following trade policy should be taken. On the one hand, we should fully exert comparative advantage and convert comparative advantage into competitive advantage. On the other hand, although infant industry protection is inappropriate, it is necessary toanalyze the use of strategic trade policy for reference. Trade policy is just a motivational factor and a proper system of industrial policy is also very necessary. In the part of industrial policy, the paper analyzes Japan's industrial policy for our reference. On the basis of analyzing the inadaptability of current China's industrial policy under economic globalization, it brings up some suggestions on establishing and implementing the industrial policy. These suggestions are: the conversion of the guideline of industrial policy, the establishment of industrial policy favorable to make use of MNCS, the adjustment of industrial organization policy and industrial technology policy, and the harmonization of China's industrial policy with other countries' in the world.The paper systematically puts forward some suggestions on the trade policy and industrial policy that should be taken in order to upgrade China's industrial structure under economic globalization. It shows innovative by analyzing how to convert comparative advantage into competitive advantage, analyzing the use of strategic trade policy for our reference, analyzing the inadaptability of current China's industrial policy under economic globalization and brings up some suggestions on industrial policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic globalization, trade theory, industrial policy, upgrading industrial structure, comparative advantage, competitive advantage, industrial organization policy, industrial technology policy
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