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Study On Land Use/Land Cover Change Based On Geo-spatiotemporal Database In China

Posted on:2003-11-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062496171Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information System
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The research on land use and land cover change is a core for studies on the global changes. Also the research of spatial-temporal features of land use/land cover change is significantly important for better understanding land use/land cover change and environmental management for sustainable development. The paper, firstly, based on basis of Chinese land use/land cover database and Chinese eco-environmental database, discussed the theory, technology of geo-spatial-temporal database and studied the land use change of China in ten years, and gained some results from the point of view of theoretical research of geo-spatial-temporal database and practical application of land use change, which are detailed as following:1. Traditional data model take the geometric object as the modeling target and this results directly in decomposing geographic phenomena into a series of objects. Furthermore, the temporal data and spatial data is stored separately. All of those restricts the GIS and resources dynamic monitoring. Features, such as land use features, as the fundamental depiction of geographical phenomena, encompass both real word entities and its digital representation and the object-based spatial temporal data model can support the next generation of GIS effectively. Firstly, this paper discuss the fundamental theory of the object-oriented spatio-temporal data modeling, including the procedure and the language of the spatio-temporal data modeling, the principle and criterion of object cataloging, the method of object abstraction and object instance identification. Based on the theory, this paper designed the spatio-temporal data model oriented information of land use change, which includes the temporal information directly, and easy to query the spatial temporal objects. As for Chinese land use spatio-temporal database, which with huge data and different data format, for integrating spatial, temporal and thematic attribute as well as functions and relations to object instance itself, the expanding of spatial temporal dataset models of base state with amendments and information stored hierarchically were discussed in this paper.2. The techniques of classification are very important for land use/land cover change (LUCC), so LUCC study are on the basis of the image processing and the classification system in the first. Based on the geo-spatial-temporal image database, the automatic classification methods based RSUUM (Remote Sensing Image Integrated Understanding Models) have been used for land use/land cover mapping. The principle of such methods is to determine clusters of pixels with similar radiometric temporal behavior based on their statistical properties. Although during the last decade, substantial progress has been made in land cover classification, the result ofclassification is yet further improved. The low accuracy is partly owing to the confusion of some land cover types, which often share spectral reflectance characteristics on the remote sensing image. To solve this problem, many ancillary geo-information were used and the automatic classification methods based on RSIIUM were developed when performing land use/land cover classification. This method has been approved to be effective to improve the classification accuracy compared to a Maximum Likelihood Classifier.3. Based on the work of geo-spatial-temporal database, study on the spatial temporal variation and simulation models of Chinese land use/land cover. The research of land use/land cover is core and focus point to be studied in the global changes, on basis of analyzed the present situations of Chinese land use/land cover change and land cover pattern change. Using the method of sample strips and nature districts, the characteristics of spatial temporal variation and influencing factors of Chinese land use/land cover were analyzed systematically and comprehensively. Firstly, In order to study the dynamic changes of land use types, the technologies of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Sy...
Keywords/Search Tags:Spatial temporal database, Spatial temporal data model, Land use/land cover change, landscape pattern, Driving factors, Nature subarea, RS, GIS
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