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The Urban Land Price Monitoring And Premium Temporal And Spatial Distribution Of Law Study

Posted on:2006-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y D ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360155452008Subject:Physical geography
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Taking Shijiazhuang as an example, this thesis analyzes the spatial and temporal variation of land price for different purposes (commerce, residential, industry) dynamically, on the basis of data from monitoring of urban land price and samples of dealing in urban land market, with the spatial analytical software in GIS. So the paper obtains the tendency of temporal variation and the characteristics of special distribution in urban land price of different use in Shijiazhuang, providing the scientific basis for optimizing the structure of land use, adjusting and controlling urban land market, promoting the development of the city healthy and rationally.This thesis introduces natural, social and economic general situation of Shijiazhuang, and the characteristic of temporal spread and spatial expansion that has changed in city land use since last century. With the investigation of urban land price in Shijiazhuang, the paper expatiates the dynamic monitoring system of urban land price concretely, and points out that the system has extensive application. With the spatial analytical software in Surfer and GIS, the author analyzes the variation of monitoring site between the year of 2001 and 2004 and the dealing information of remised land between the year of 2000 and 2004 in Shijiazhuang. Therefore the author reaches a conclusion that urban land price changes constantly with time, and that the land price has the particular characteristic of spatial distribution for different purposes, and the factors, including general factors (macro factors), position factors and separate factors, influence the spatial and temporal variation of urban land price.The result of the study shows that urban land price of Shijiazhuang have the ascending tendency, and its variation is steady, and that the increase rate of the land price is different with commerce , house and industry—the house increase rate is maximal, the commerce one is second, the industry is minimum—but the increase of land price is comparatively steady as a whole.The urban land price of Shijiazhuang shows that the southeast price is high, with the northwest low, and the growth of the east and south is faster than the west and north. The high-level price of land tends to stability, while the low-level price of land rises fast because the infrastructure is improved. Land price in the city reduces from the center to urban fringe, presenting the circle structure obviously, with certain spatial continuity and variability and region imbalance. Besides, the spatial change of land price differs to some extent: the land price in urban vary markedly, while that in suburb decreases slowly, and the land price change...
Keywords/Search Tags:land price, the dynamic monitoring system of land price, spatial and temporal distribution law, the city of Shijiazhuang
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