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Studies On China's Urban Land Market Structure

Posted on:2003-09-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062995804Subject:Political economy
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Since the early 1980's, China's urban land system has experienced a historic reform. Beginning with the use of land with payment, aiming at the marketing of land resource allocation, the urban land use system reform is performing zealously and thus urban land market came into being. However, the development of China's urban land market is incomplete, land market structure existing disfigurement, land market exchange disordered, the level of intensive exploitation of land and market allocation still low, and a large amount of state-owned land benefits losing Therefore, the vital issues facing us at present are to perfect the urban land market system, to perfect land structure and function mechanism, to maintain the legal rights and interests of owners and users of the land, to expand various management ways of land resource, to enhance the use efficiency of land, to optimize the allocation of land resource. With the guidance of land economics of Marxism, the thesis analyzes the formation and structure system of urban land market. Adhering to the precondition of the state ownership of urban land, the thesis brings forward the thought to construct a urban land market system of conforming to modern property right system, meeting the demand of the development of urban economic society, maximizing benefits of various aspects, perfecting of the function ofgovernment. Applying to the qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, and combining the normative analysis with positive analysis, the thesis systemically probes into the inherent structure relationship of urban land market, and brings forward the foresighted policy suggestion on perfecting the land market structure and land market management.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban land, land property right, market structure
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