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Research On The Urban Land Market Spervision And Demonstrative Analysis In China

Posted on:2005-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155957699Subject:Public Management
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Urban land is an irreproducible and vital resource that serves as the basic carrier for all economic life. Proper collocation of land resource is essential not only to the sustainable growth of the national economy, but also to the welfare of the people and their offspring. The urban land market plays a leading role sometimes regarded a "weatherglass" in the real estate market. In the recent years with the rapid development of the economy and society in China, the Chinese government paid more and more attention to the land's effect on national macroeconomic supervision. The operation of urban land market received a lot of attention from both the government and its people. How to make good use of the limited land resource and how to cultivate and improve the urban land market system is one of the major challenging tasks for almost all levels of the government in addition to the national land resource bureau.This article first reviews the evolution of the Chinese urban land market and describes the major problem in the market. It then studies the operational principle of the Chinese urban land market and analyzes the inside mechanism between the urban land market and real estate market. In-depth analyses were performed on the relationship between the land price and the housing price and on the relationship between the amount of land transfer (sale) and the housing market supply etc. Official land market data of Hangzhou and Shenzhen were used as sample analysis in this study. The impact of the housing price and the various land-transfer methods on the land price in Hangzhou was assessed using lots of data and diagram. Demonstrative analyses were made also in studying the relationship between the amount of land transfer and the housing price in Shenzhen. This paper finally provides a series of recommendations that could be employed potentially as a practical solution to enforce the land management for sustainable development of the social economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban land market, land market operation mechanism, national economy supervision measure, land management demonstrative analysis
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