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A Research On City Zones Economy In China

Posted on:2003-07-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065460693Subject:Political economy
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[ AbstYact1 As the process of the national modernization and regional econ-omy develops to a higher level, the city zones, which are indogentic in thbcity core sector, have gradually been changing frOm general economic fac-tors to major pole the economy. Their roles on the regional economy eventhe national economy become increasingly strong. Especially, during theperiod when the socialistic market economy is heen establishing and impro-ving, in the respect of setting uP rules for macroeconomic operation andshaping the major participants in micro -- economy, the city factors em-braces a very high value for theoretical and realistic studies. On the onehand, in view of the fact that the studies on city economy arc extremely im-mature, we are required tO extend to a much deeper level Of the studies onthe characteristics, rules and all the other relative factors relating to the de-velopment of the city economy so as to expand the width and stretch depthof the studies of economics. More importanily, only when the varous theo-ries and academic views are properly arranged according to certain rules soas to form one integral system, can they Offer systematic theories and sug-gestions for the development of the city economy. On the other hand, city.economy is of great importance in the development of the national economy-City zones have to shoulder the tasks of adapting to constitution changes andPushing the economical development. How to use various factors to accom-plish the two tasks not only ialluences the existence and development of thecity zones themselves, but also becomes a major subject on the develop-ment Of regional economy.'I'herefOre, we developed the analysis of this article intO three layers asfOllows: The first part is theory. It mainly introduces the ouilook and general theories of city economy. On the basis of analytical its processing, wemade a conclusion of the characteristics and requirements of its development. The second part primarily deals with the relationship of the factors in the regional economic system. After analytical the operational major parts in city economy, factors in development, functions of system and outer relationship , we studied some major questions like ownership, structural collocation of industries and collocation of land resources etc. The third part tells about the strategic choosing of the development of city economy. Furthermore , it figures out the ways in which the city governments could carry out the strategies so as to push the rapid increase and lasting development of city economy through their own effective interference.This article has initially built the theoretical system of city economy in our country. It is dedicated to carry out innovative studies in the a number of aspects: It is innovative in respect of theory. It is an relatively earlier systematical study on all the areas of city economy and primarily summarizes the principles of city economy; It properly applies all the relative theories in analysis, therefore, it extends their study scopes as well; It especially plays emphasis on the role of city government on city economy. As a result, it will provide theoretical reference for the effective operation of the city governments.
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