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Research On Industrial Agglomeration And Development Strategy Of Small City

Posted on:2003-04-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065956259Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Industrial agglomeration is a very important phenomenon of economical development. The enterprises, which produce same kind products often, gather together in some region and form a kind of agglomeration. Once industrial agglomeration reach some extent, People's migration and service rise will lead to a new city. If industry agglomeration appear in a small city. It will improve its industrial structure with agglomeration scale's enlargement and enhance market competition and realize Smail City leaping development in the end. This dissertation will discuss the mechanism and basic theory of the industry agglomeration's formation.The dissertation will be divided into five parts:Chapter 1, mainly discuss industrial agglomeration's basic concept and character, summarize basic theory about industrial agglomeration home and abroad, including Marshal's viewpoint,Alfred Webber's agglomeration theory, Francois Perroux 's growth pole theory, regional product complex, division of labor theory, Krugman's new economy geography theory, New industry district theory and regional innovation system theory and so on. In this chapter we also retrospect industrial agglomeration theory development in China.Chapter 2, make some industrial agglomeration's international compare.Chapter 3, research on the mechanism of industrial agglomeration and conclude that cost drive and benefit pull are two main force that make enterprise pursuit industrial agglomeration. Cost driving mainly includes product cost and transacts cost; benefit pull mainly consists of network economy effect, scale and range economy effect and externalities internalized and deepen division of labor and innovation effect.mainly according to the theory of division of labor to illustrate the driving force of economy development comes from specialization of division of labor, industrial agglomeration of formation of network and improvement of transaction efficiency.Development of the non-agglomeration region should improve low transaction efficiency to enter network of division of labor between the non-agglomeration and the industrial agglomeration region, deepen division of labor in the non-agglomeration, enhance specialization degree gradually, improve transaction efficiency of the West. This paper gives a model to illustrate the thoughts mentioned above.Chapter 4, discuss technology innovation and industrial agglomeration. Research institutional innovation and industrial agglomeration.Chapter 5, mainly discuss industrial agglomeration and small city's leaping development. Some obstacle factors will be analyzed and some countermeasure of how to realize small city leaping development through industrial agglomeration strategy.summarize and conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:industry agglomeration, technology innovation, institution, formal institution, informal institution, institutional innovation, small city, leaping development
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