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Institution Analysis On Barriers Of The Public Policies Implementation

Posted on:2009-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242998560Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 1970s, the implementation of public policy issues has become an increasing concern about the policy science. As the increasing complexity of the state things, the government ability on public policy is changing more and more important, and they are becoming an important symbol of government capacity. Modern countries continue to expand the area of public administration. Public policy theory and practice of public administration are also becoming closer and closer. The status of the public policy analysis is becoming more and more prominent. People not only concerned about the formulation of public policies, but more concerned about how public policy is implemented.Since the reform and opening, all sectors of our society have obtained the considerable development. Although the policy science also obtains the quick development, but generally speaking, it was still quite weak, especially the research of the policy implementation, domestic studies in this aspect were too few, moreover, these studies mainly focused on the reasons for the barriers of the policy implementation . Most of the studies owed the barriers to the subject, the object and the implementation environmental and so on. And they try to seek solutions under the present institution frame. Looking at the implementation of many policies that are advantageous in the national economy and the people's livelihood community, the result is not very satisfying. Therefore, the barriers of the policy implementation have not been solved.This article based on the elementary theory of the New--institution economic, used institution change theory, the public choice theory, the West economic theory and so on, insisted the principle that integrate theory with practice, and mainly elaborated the influence which the present institution frame of our country produces to the policy implementation. The whole text can be divided into four parts:The first section is to explain the highlights of the policy implementation with the present situation of the research, and define the related concepts. Such as: Policy, Policy implementation and so on. In addition, I will dentally search the theory origin of the formal institution and the informal institution in the New--institution economic, in order to seek the theory basis for this article.The second part will analyze the chief features and the characteristics of the barriers of the policy implementation. In the article I summarized four characteristics and four kinds of the chief features to strengthen the understanding to the barriers of the policy implementation.The third part is the important part of the article, which will analyze the institutional reason for the barriers of the policy implementation. Mainly, it is from two aspects: the formal and informal institution. Formal institution included: the lack of coordination of the Party and government relations; government agencies set up unreasonably; the unreasonable cadre management system; the system of supervision over the implementation of the policy isn't perfect and so on. Informal institution mainly included the impact of the social ideology on policy implementation.The fourth part gives a possible choice in view of the front analysis. The building of the formal institution include the building of the relationship of the Party and government; to clear the scopes of their responsibilities; to coordinate the rights of various government departments; to build effective supervision system and so on. The building of the informal institution is to strengthen the political socialization function, to increase the investment of the ideology capital and so on.
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