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The Proper Logic Of Formal Institution And Informal Institution In Community

Posted on:2018-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the third plenary session of the eighteenth, community governance has been the focus of attention in academia. This paper is from the angle of sociological institutionalism that a research on the relationship between formal institution and informal institution in community governance. At present, there are several representative views of "complementary theory", "alternative theory" and "conflict theory", but most of these views ignore the micro-governance "field", namely the concept of time, space and governance subjec. In this paper, takes the property management system change of a county city street as the study carrier, and introduce these variables into the study, to explore the formal system and the informal system in the relationship between the community governance and the relationship between the two proposed appropriate. This is not only a response to the reality, but also a supplement to the theory.The author obtains the first-hand data that through the one-year field research, with through the qualitative research method, it will increase the article validity. After research found, at the initial stage, the professional Property Company using the "formal system" management of property, service residents of the stage, but there is a "formal system failure" phenomenon, Property Companies eventually failed to evacuate the community. And after the community’s neighborhood committee take over the property service phase, it uses the neighborhood committee to use the "informal system" to provide property services, mobilize residents to participate in community property management, the self-governance among urban community resident has been improved, and the work of residents’committees has been supported and recognized by the residents, and achieved a win-win situation for residents and neighborhood committees. Now, with the development of economic and social progress, commercial housing residential district is increasing, the awareness of the community residents to the concept of "property management" is deepening. Community residents’ Committee "tube property" is no longer adapted to the current social environment, the "negative externality" of the informal system began to appear, a formal system for the needs and gradually generated. It is found that when the system is specific to a microscopic field (community), its influencing factors are highlighted. Specific space, the time of change, different governance subjects (people/residents) three factors of the state of mutual construction, which is the foundation of the legitimacy and appropriateness of the system. This paper discussed the system’s suitability is referring to the system to be appropriate with the specific field (here refers to the community). According to the specific social situation, the use of specific institutional norms. As March and Olsen said:" The system can not get rid of this ’swaying’ the cyclical fate, we should follow such a’no exact structure of the world, pray for precise behavior’ and ’appropriateness’logic." In other words, the system of formal and the informal of the two systems is a cycle, and each system can not dominate the long-term. In the process of the continuous development and change of the system, under the influence of the three factors of space, time and governance subject, the formal system and the informal system should follow the logic of "appropriateness".
Keywords/Search Tags:community governance, formal institution, informal institution, appropriateness logic
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