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The Analysis And Research On The Theory And Practice Of The Policies On The Agriculture Industry

Posted on:2003-01-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065957046Subject:Industrial Economics
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On the background of the continuous improvement of the policies on the national agriculture industry and the never-ending innovation of the industry economics, starting from the practice of the agriculture industry policies as well as the different angles of the resources distribution on the grand agriculture structure, organization, technology, capital, labor force and land etc, and the district arrangement and the inter-connection between the home and abroad, this dissertation focuses on the analysis and research on the practical issues of the orientation of adjustment on the agriculture policies to achieve the new breakthrough on the policy of such an area by cutting edge into the interaction between the policies on agriculture and the development of agriculture. The whole dissertation can be divided into 9 chapters, which are mainly engaged on the comparative theories of the common balance and the partial balance, and the methodology of the demonstration and criterion economics to do the analysis and research on the purpose of making relatively thorough and deep assessment on the policy-making and related improvement suggestions on such areas as the implement performance of the agriculture policies, the requirement structure of agriculture, the structure of employment, the basic elements and arrangement of agriculture production, the sustainable development of agriculture and the agriculture internationalization etc. The basic innovative points of the dissertation are as follows: (1) to establish a systematic framework for the research on the policies of agriculture industry and the structure of agriculture industry; The framework for grand agriculture industry structure; The framework of subject relationship in the agriculture socialized service system;The circulation framework of sustainable development for agriculture; The model framework for corporation development for agriculture institution; (2) to expand the external scope of the concept of agriculture; (3) to put forward the ideas of the corporation orientation by restructuring and innovating the present agriculture operational institution; (4) to raise the viewpoints to set up the quality standard system for agriculture produce and to initiate the same system of the internal and external trade; (5) to offer the suggestions on guiding the development of the township and private enterprises through the industry policies; (6) to raise the innovative viewpoint by way of the systematic analysis onagriculture and the employment structure of the countryside, the district arrangement, technological innovation and the marketing system of agriculture produce; (7) to put forward the comprehensive thinking way to broaden the logistics services for agriculture produce; (8) to raise the new idea of the agriculture supporting system and the policy suggestions on expanding the areas for the government to support agriculture industry, reorganization of agriculture insurance system and aid to the weak masses of the countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:Policies on Agriculture Industry, Analysis and Research on Theory and Practice, The Agriculture Industry Policy The Policy Of Structure, The Policy Of Organization, The Policy Of Distribution, The Policy Of Input
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