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On China's Fiscal Policy Adjustments

Posted on:2004-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360092985214Subject:Public Finance
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Agriculture is the basis of national economy in all countries whether developed or developing. In this regard, agriculture is given special support to enjoy an advance of immense importance. China is a huge agricultural country, where agriculture obviously plays an important and unique role in national economy and social development. After the foundation of P.R.C., CPC seeks further progress in agriculture. However, agriculture has not been given enough attention to spur its growth on many accounts for quite a long time. Thus, three problems related to agriculture, village and pleasant has become more serious than anytime. It's time for us to spare no effort to solve three problems. What effective measures should we take? A lot should be done. As a financial staff at the root level, the writer is exploring possible ways from the viewpoint of government fiscal investment. I believe that one of important steps is to regulate the fiscal policy to support agriculture. This thesis discusses how to regulate the policy with regard to "three problems". It is divided into three chapters.Chapter I specifies three problems and financial policy on agriculture. With the advent of three serious problems, we are focused on considering the relationship between three problems and fiscal policy and on re-exploring the significant role of improving fiscal policy. This chapter gives the main manifestations of the three problems: much burden on farmers, difficult transfer of surplus labor force, lack of scientific farmers and bumper harvest. The author also analyzes the root causes to shape up the three problems-about system, history, nation, economy, society, culture, etc.-and points out the significance and necessity of financial support to agricultural development.Chapter II draws on foreign policy to support agriculture. We cansay that the analysis of foreign policy is crucial to the regulation of our policy, from which we should absorb its kernel with discriminability. Chapter II briefs up the overall situation of foreign policies in the regard, which include five goals-productive, revenue, competitive, developing goals and scientific goal on agriculture-and four basic ways-improving infrastructure with more investment, protecting the production of the main domestic agricultural products, regulating agricultural structure with bank credit and enhancing farmers' income level. Based on that, it focuses on typical policies of a few countries or regions, such as America, European Union, Japan, Taiwan, etc. It is followed by three inspirations concluded how to enhance the present regulation with directive and practical significance: we hope that we can develop agriculture by giving it fare opportunity of competition, rehabilitating farmers, accepting science and new technology.Chapter III is the key chapter of the whole thesis, focusing on regulation of domestic fiscal to support agriculture. It starts with the basic ideas to solve three problems, which focus on financial support to agriculture; deepening tax reform, saving burden on farmers and increasing their revenue; transferring surplus labor force. In the second part, the author holds that the stress of fiscal support should be put on agricultural infrastructure, environment and commonwealth enterprise available to farmers to promote their living and productive condition and enjoy a better public service. It's also the very time that we should regulate agricultural structure, ameliorate resource distribution, develop characteristics of agriculture and boost up international competence. The third part of chapter III lies in defining investment right of governments at all level and building a better payment system of central and provincial governments to ensure the depressed area can benefit a lot from it. In the last part, some facts, such as inefficient use of capital, and their solutions are given out: zero-based budget, converging right of management,centralized payment and performance evaluation system.My thesis aims at analyzing three problems...
Keywords/Search Tags:Three problems related to agriculture, village and peasants, Fiscal policies on agriculture, Regulation.
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