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Research On Clustering Innovation Of MSEs

Posted on:2003-08-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092466280Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Enterprise is the object of technological innovation, but middle and small enterprises (MSEs) are the biggest part of that, moreover, they are the most active and dynamic component of this innovation. With advent of knowledge economy and the development in global high tech industries, the function of MSB in technological innovation would become more and more important. How to organize MSEs technology innovation effectively, has been the focus point of attention of global governments and academic circles. This dissertation is aimed to establish an initial analyzing structure of cluster and to find out an efficient organizing form of MSE technological innovation to obtain the innovative resource, without damaging innovative advantage. Therefore, this dissertation is based on solution to five basic theoretical and practical problems: First, why to put forward MSE clustering innovation and what is its theory and concept foundation; Second, what are their advantages and mechanism of MSE clustering innovation; Third, what are their general process and inner mechanism; Fourth, what are their evolution law and development conditions; Fifth, how to utilize MSE clustering innovation theory to analyze and conduct development of science park. Comparing with former study, the main difference in this dissertation is, leaving the disadvantage of only analyzing individual behavior of technological innovation, aiming at the study of competition and cooperation relationship, a new angle, existed among MSEs as well as "collective innovation behavior" produced from their relations.This dissertation is developed in the following thoughtful clue "problems raise ?present study situation ?theory structure ?method design?case analysis?countermeasures suggests". Detail is as follow.Chapter 1 Puts forward problems, gives a general introduction and makes comments on study of situation at home and abroad, defines the study of this dissertation.Chapter 2 Gives the concept of clustering innovation based on the casesstudy, and further establish and makes a definite concept by analyzing its nature, discussing other relative concepts and classifying the clustering innovations.Chapter 3 Analyses the advantage of MSB clustering innovation and studies its birth mechanism.Chapter 4 Poses a "rewarding" model that analyzes the encouragement and binding conditions of clustering behavior of MSE technological innovation, builds a system of evaluation target index for clustering innovation ability and finally makes an assessment model on nerve net.Chapter 5 Puts forward self organizing process model, Fuzzy-AHP distinguishing model for choosing partners in process of clustering innovation, as well as describes coordinated competition game model in clustering innovation.Chapter 6 Introduces concepts of cluster unit, applying community idea to reveal the common law of MSE clustering innovation's form and development, analyzes the inner and external forming conditions as well as describes developing conditions of the MSE clustering innovation.Chapter 7 Utilizes the basic theory of views on MSE clustering innovation, analyzes the problems of development process in China High-tech park, then, puts forward some suitable suggestions.The new ideas of this dissertation is: (a) introduction of concept of clustering innovation and making up the cluster analyzing structure of MSE innovation; (b) Description of "rewarding" model of cluster selection that MSEs enter cluster, self organization model of "dynamic circulate accumulation" in operation process, "harmonizing competition game" model in cooperation process; (c) Construct nerve net evaluation model on innovative abilities of cluster, and Fuzzy-AHP distinguishing model for selection of potential cluster partners; (d) Giving concepts such as cluster unit> effective cluster unit;, advantageous cluster unit; (e) Poses a strategic thinking that China science park should develop under the guidance of clustering innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Middle and Smaller Enterprise (MSE), Clustering innovation, Cluster unit, Coordinated competition, Community evolution
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