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Studying On Exchange Promotion Between Enterprise Clusters And The International Competition Of China's Middle And Small Enterprises

Posted on:2004-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497863Subject:International Trade
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Since the beginning of 80's in 20th century, with the development of industrialization process, because some district, especially old industry district, didn't adapt to the rapid change of outer market and technology and their own innovation power is falling off, a plenty of enterprises in the district either died or moved the other place. Simultaneity, some enterprises clusters had emerged in some developed countries and district such as Italy, Germany and America .the success of these enterprises clusters proved that international competition power of the middle and small enterprise can be improved by the new organization model-enterprises clusters.In China, there are also the kind of new type enterprises clusters such as shoes line enterprises clusters in Wenzhou, socks line enterprises clusters in Shengzhou, computer parts line enterprises clusters in Wuxi , and so on. The middle and small enterprises in the clusters in these districts is strong competition.No matter from the quantity or from the employment, the status of middle and small enterprises is very important. By the development in the past two decades, the enterprises clusters whose core is middle and small enterprises have been regard by economist. However, why do the middle and small firms can rebound? Why are the middle and small firms the important power that promotes the technology innovation and industry upgrade? Is there certain relation between enterprises clusters and the middle and small enterprises? All these questions must be studied by us.After summarize the middle and small enterprise and its international competition power, this paper discuss the common concepts and theories. After analyzes the exchange promotion between enterprises clusters and the international competition power of the middle and small enterprises, this paper studied the enterprise clusters in China and put force some proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise cluster, middle and small enterprises, international competition power, exchange promotion, outer economy, transaction cost, innovation
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