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Elements Of The Dynamic Evolution Of The Competitiveness Of Enterprises Cluster

Posted on:2003-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095452860Subject:National Economics
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Based on the theory of network organizational structure proposed by Swedish scholars Hakansson and Snehota, using the analytical method of economics and management, this thesis tries to discuss the three key factors that influence the enterprise clusters' competitiveness from the perspectives of network relationships in enterprise cluster clusters' organizational learning and clusters' life circle, then demonstrate the mechanism among the three key factors. Finally, we put forward policy to help cultivate and strength clusters' competitiveness.The preface explains the research purpose, practical significance and theory value as well as the research methods.The second part reviews and evaluates the domestic and foreign theories on enterprise clusters, including Theory of Industrial Aggregation; Theory of New Industrial District and Theory of Social and Economic Networks.From the perspectives of cooperation and competitiveness, the third part discusses the impact of network relationship-the activity between body and body on the competitiveness of enterprise clusters.Based on the theory of network organization, the fourth part analyzes how the organizational learning of enterprise clusters-the absorption, conformity and creativity of knowledge contribute to enhancing the enterprise competitiveness. Also we use the economic model to demonstrate the mechanism between the networks and organizational learning ability of enterprise clusters.The fifth part analyzes the impact of enterprise clusters' lifecycle on the clusters' competitiveness and proposes the method to prolong the lifecycle and evade the risks.The Sixth part brings forward the policy to cultivate enterprise cluster and enhance their competitiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Clusters, Competitiveness, Cooperation and Competition, Life Cycle
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