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An Inquire On The Characteristic Urbanization Of China

Posted on:2004-02-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The city is the symbol of the modern civilization, is the center of the economy, polity, science, culture and education. It embodys the national power, the administerial ability of the government and the international competition. Urbanization is the accompanying phenomenon of industrialization and modernization and the level of urbanization is the sign of the prosperity of the country.About 100 years ago, Friedrich Engels has ever said: the action that 2,500,000 gathered in London has made each one powerful 100 times as much as before. This judgment pointed out the scale effect of the city. The high level urbanization caused the use of the land and the establishment as full as possible. In the city, the industrial chain made the vocations develop mutually and drive economy growth like snowball. Therefore, Lewis, W. A. who is the famous development economist said: it was the symbol of the economy development that the labor force flows to urban from rural region.In china, the city has developed rapidly since the opening and reform. The speed of urbanization was double the average speed of the world. The average rate of urbanization of the world is about 50%, it is about 80% in American, nearly 65% in Japan. The rate of urbanization is 37.7% in China in 2002. The urbanization process is evidently lagging behind the level of industrialization and the development of the economy. The low urbanization rate has become the huge bottleneck of our economy development. The Sixteenth Congress ofthe Communist Party of China pointed out:"industrialization and modernization must cause rural superabundant labor force flowing to urban and non-agriculture industry."In China, the typical character of dualistic economy is very obvious. In the light of the facts, the urbanization path with Chinese character must insist on the harmonious development among the huge, middle and mini city. The choice of the urbanization pattern must keep pace with the economy development, which is good to the framework of the town and the distributing of the productivity. The reasonable urbanization should include three pattern: rural urbanization, regional urbanization, urban modernization.Urbanization and industrialization is indivisibility. In the past years, we concentrated the raw materials from rural to urban and prevented the rural labor entering into the town. This policy caused urbanization lagging behind the level of industrialization. The development of the non-agriculture industry is insufficiency even though the productive value of the non-agriculture industry is nearly 85% of GDP. The non-agriculture industry didn't absorb superabundant labor force. The rural population is 62.3% in 2002.The urbanization path with Chinese character must insist on the mutual development of the industrialization and urbanization. In order to realize urbanization in China, the rural surplus labor should be transferred to non-agriculture industry, small cities and towns. We should develop small cities and towns at the basis of counties and conditional towns. But it requires scientific design, rational distribution and the combination of town and village enterprises (TVEs) with rural services. In China, the characteristic of urbanization is regional urbanization. In certain area, to realize the regional development as a whole, we should combine cities and towns and develop them in line with the development of economy, society and environment. We need break the established political division, make full use of big cities, existing network of communication and transportation and the infrastructure. We also need relocate production factors to promote the harmonious development of cities and counties. In order to realize to urbanization we should enhance city management and improve city competitiveness and modernization level. The city management, in nature, means introducing the market economy's operation consciousness, mechanism, bodies, forms, etc to city construction, and making use of public construction, macroeconomic co...
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