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Study Of Chinese Communist Party

Posted on:2004-05-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092486642Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The paper consists of the preface and three chapters of basic contents. The preface summarizes some basic problems about the governing method of the Communist Party of China. Writer according to Marxism party theory and history of the Communist Party of China and political science law and so on, Weld history and actuality, theory and practice .analyze the history about the governing method of the party. Sum up the experience and prove the direction about improve, on the basic about the right of the party and leading program by law and put forward own point of view.I. In the period of revolution, our party founds the revolutionary regime and resistance against Japan democratic regime and explores the founding problem of leading method. The government that is founded in the base area attaches to the military conducting system of the party and is in the same structure of the party. In the period of democratic revolution, the foundation of centralized leading system drives from the centralized principle. The centralized leading system of the party makes the organ of the party be the highest leading one. And to some extent, the party replaces the government. The centralized leading system assures the success of revolutionary undertaking. After the People's Republic of China founded, the party mainly carried on the centralized leading system as before on the governing method. It takes an active role in solidifying the new regime, socialism reforming and a large scale of socialism construction. But in the struggle of anti-scattering and anti-locality, the centralized leading of the party goes to the extreme - from strengthening unitary to high centralization of state, even shows the phenomena of vital confuse between the party and the government, replacing the government by the party and excessive centralizing power. There are many reasons which make themethod of governing of the party exist so many problems.II. After the Third Meeting of the Eleventh National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the party deeply explores the reform of system of government and gets a series of breakthrough performance not only in theory but also in practice on the base of summing up historical experience and according to the practice of reforming and opening. The main points: Changing the advocation of the party into the will of the country through the legal program and performing the advocation of the party through legal form; correctly recognizing and conducting the relation between the policy and the law; the different levels of the organizations of the party and party members' important assuring role in performing the advocation of the party; conducting the governing role by deciding the great problems and recommending the important human affairs.Through the exploration and creation in the past over twenty years, the methods of leading and governing of the Communist Party of China go on with the era, consummate day after day, and accumulate some basic experiences-Under the leading of the party, the reform must be based on the Deng Xiaoping's Theory and the condition of China. The reform must go on actively, steadily and orderly, and be fit for other reform. These experiences are precious measure for our party and also are the beginning of theory and logic for us to create the governing method.III. In the new century, the challenges coming from politics, economy and culture at home and abroad give a higher request for the creation of the governing method of our party. Firstly, the new change of political and economic trend in the world brings a strict challenge to the creation of the governing method of the party. Secondly, the governing essence and governing function of the party require the party to improve and create the governing mechanism of the party, and develop the governing capability of the party all-sided. Thirdly, the developments of socialism market economy require the better creation of the governing method of the party. Thechallenge and pressure fro...
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