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Communist Party Of China Scientific Governance

Posted on:2007-08-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185976300Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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The Fourth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the CPC has made a decision on building up the Party's scientific government as one of the aims of building for the party in power in the history of CPC. This not only shows that our party has awareness and self-consciousness for the party in power, and has answered clearly the big problem the party in power is facing how to govern the power, striving goal, direction and strong confidence, but also presents new and higher request for the studying direction and content. Party can't go without the theory of scientific government if she wants to realize her scientific government aim in the practice. Therefore, clarifying the governing intension and constructing the theory system of scientific government are one important subject in the studying fields of building the party in power.This thesis uses the Marxism basic principle and the basic theory of the party building, connect closely the history and reality of CPC, by studying the intension of scientific government, how to remain governing sense, rules, scientific governing and realize the most excellent governing performance, the thesis make a treatise for what is scientific governing, how to realize scientific governing and how to evaluate the scientific governing, it builds a theory frame that is internal unity, mutual connection and supporting. The thesis is composed of five chapters.Chapter 1: using the relationship between party and country power, deciding the basic intension of scientific governing: scientific governing means that our party hold and use reasonably the country power, make the governing activity all along meeting the requirement of the party in power, always follow the governing rule of CPC, socialism building rule and human development rule, all along keeping the scientific governing idea, system, mode and gain the most excellent performance situation. The thesis use the outspread of intension of the scientific governing as the red clue in all the parts. This chapter also analyze the meaning of the scientific governing, expatiate the relationship between main body and object of scientific governing, the essential character, age meaning and basic requirement, bring forward the basis of scientific governing is ten functions for party fulfilling the party in power scientific: in controlling of the country power, representing the people's...
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