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The Style Of Governance Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2013-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395451905Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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At present, the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling status and the environmenthave changed deeply, the calling party must keep pace with the times, constantlyimprove their own governance, strengthening the construction of ruling party.Thereform and perfection of governing mode of the Communist Party of China tostrengthen the ruling ability construction, advance the reform of political system, hasimportant significance.The style of governance is an important factor in the rulingability, is the ruling way of realization and practice of ability based on.The ruling wayof the party’s governing philosophy, reflecting the ruling law, decided theperformance.The ruling means is to show party rule of national power system, mechanism,way, means and methods, mainly is the problem of the relationship between party andgovernment, a little bit more simple is the use of state power management a nationalactivity way. Chinese communist party’s ruling way refers to the broad masses of thepeople directly related to the personal interest, relationship to China’s socialist societydevelopment status and more about China’s socialist society resurgence.Based on reviewing the ruling party to the way the basis of the theory of, thecommunist party of China of the past and the present way of administration andgoverning idea to make a further study, strive to find the communist party of Chinagoverning way law. The first part of this paper is to the purpose of the subject, themeaning of the subject, the research present situation, thinking, research method inthis paper. The second part is the text of this paper, which can be divided into fourchapters. The first chapter of the modern way of a ruling party a theoretical analysis.The second chapter of the Chinese communist party in each time governing waycarries on the analysis, the induction and generalization. Including thenew-democratic revolution, after new China was founded to the third plenary sessionof the period and after the reform and opening three times. The third chapter of theChinese communist party in the different historical period of the ruling method andthe analysis of existing problems, and find out the root cause of these issues is. Thefourth chapter is to the current reform and improve the party’s ruling way of thinking, and points out that the current reform and improvement of the CPC’s ruling method,the goal and the principle of its realization.
Keywords/Search Tags:The ruling way, Scientific governing, Democratic Governing, Governing according to law
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