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Study On State-owned Grain Marketing Enterprise Behavior

Posted on:2004-02-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092496412Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The key to the reform of China's grain marketing system is to explore a kind of design which can reach the following objectives: acquiring sufficient grain to guarantee market supply, solving the problem of low efficiency in state-owned grain marketing enterprise, separating enterprise' responsibility from the one of government in grain marketing thoroughly to lighten financial burden, increasing the efficiency and stability of grain market and enhancing government's macroscopic adjustment and control ability to grain market. The dissertation makes effort to explore economical, effective, feasible scenario for grain marketing system reform which is consistent with china's actuality by means of analyzing the critical problem of present grain marketing system.The dissertation selects county level state-owned grain system in the main grain growing area to which is referred state-owned grain marketing enterprise (SOME) as an object of study. The dissertation thoroughly analyses the inner structure, the institution arrangement and the behavior pattern of SOME, explores the market surroundings of SOME and nature of market, clarifies the relationship between SOME and government, discusses the influence of above factors on China's grain market operation and provides a solution scheme for grain marketing system reform.The leading conclusion of the dissertation is that the low efficiency of SOME and grain market system is resulted from the administration system which decides SGME's size, operation boundary and leaders appointment. Firstly, the administration system results in the failure to entrepreneur resource allocation. Most of leaders in SOME may be qualified administrators but not qualified entrepreneurs. Secondly, the administration system leads to low efficiency in SOME. The official role of state-owned grain enterprise leaders induces them to consider their political foundation in local government more than to carry out effective reform in SOME. Thirdly, the administration system results in SGMEs's similar expectation and consistent supply behaviors when the market changes. It's SGMEs's consistent supply behavior that brings about low efficiency of China's grain market and difficulty in stabilizing market fluctuation.Bringing forward the gradual reform scenario which holds to regroup SOME by means of big-size grain and grain product selling system in mid-and-large city is another main study outcome of the dissertation. While the scenario is not optimal theoretically, it will solve above-mentioned problems effectively and accordingly be the favorable optional one that can be carried out in the present in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned grain marketing enterprise, information, entrepreneur's talents, administration system, reform
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