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Research On Innovation Of Enterprise Organization Architecture Under New Technology Revolution

Posted on:2004-06-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092985091Subject:Business management
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Since seventies of twenty century, new-technology revolution has keen developed quickly. New discovery, invention and creation, not only in basic theories but also in application-technology, come out continuously. People find out that new technology brings out the enormous fortune to mankind, at same time, it is changing humanbeing's life, and changing the business environment. Information, network and global economy result in the complexity and the uncertainty in whole society, and intensify competition in the world. At the age full of opportunities and challenges, any enterprise only changes step by step and innovates its organization structure and government system, so that it can keep the competitive advantage itself and get suvival and development continuously.This thesis researches the organization innovation under new-technology revolution, and focus our attention on the organizational architecture, so as to offer a method of organization innovation which has the theoretical value and the practical value. We hope that the result in this paper can make progress in organization research.Organization architecture innovation is researched by theoretical and positive analysis in the thesis.First, the paper discusses the change tendency of enterprise organization in the world and the progress of organization architecture change. It focuses on the effect of enterprise environment, which is caused by the development of new-technology revolution. Otherwise, the problems in organization innovation today are also analyzed.Second, the author sets up a theoretical base for enterprise organization innovation from economics, ecology, system theory and management.Next, the thesis researches deeply the thinking mode, the architecture mode and the process mode of organization innovation. The author hopes to find out some basic rule of organization innovation in new period.Finally, the paper studies the problem how to combine organization architecture innovation and management change. The organization innovation is not a simple change, it has relation to the corporation system. In fact, it is difficult to realize the goal of organization innovation without management system change and corporation culture change. On the other hand, how to evaluate the new organization structure is another context which we pay attention to.According to this train of thoughts, the thesis is divided into four parts: the change tendency of enterprise organization and the progress of organization change; theories research; the mode-research of organization architecture innovation; management innovation and the evaluation of new organization structure.In the part of the change tendency and the progress of organization change, the development of new technology revolution is briefly reviewed; the huge effect to enterprise environment caused bythe revolution and challenge which enterprise is faced with, during the information technology and internet age, are researched. Moreover, the new styles of organization, such as, network organization, virtual organization and team organization, are discussed, their strength and weakness as also.In the part of theories research, the author summarizes the transaction cost theory, self-organization theory, ecology theory and organizational architecture. All theories above offer us a theoretical basis to study the organization innovation.In the part of the mode research, after analyzing the shortages of traditional organization, the author puts forward the thinking mode of organization innovation. Then, after analyzing the lack of network organization and team organization, the author puts forward the architecture mode. Next, after discussing transformation from the tranditional style to the future style, the author puts forward the process mode.In the final part, the paper researches the relation between organization innovation and management from the areas: leading change, management change and culture change. At the end, the mathematical model of evaluating new organization...
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