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Institutional Change And Organizational Innovation, For The Coordinated Development Of Urban Areas

Posted on:2004-04-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122475806Subject:Regional Economics
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Formation of city is the inevitable result of industry and production factor conglomeration. There are firmly economic and social connections between the cities and their near region. Along with the development of economy, existing cities continuously expanding, burgeoning cities emerging cosmically, the various connections between cities strengthen and the urban system composed of different scale and level cities and towns is coming into being. The urban systems are controlling and affecting the development of world economy. It's meaningless to research the urban without inner land and to research region without cities.According to the development of urban system, domestic and international scholars bring forward some concepts on it, such as Metropolis District, Urban Agglomerations and Metropolitan Interlocking Region and so on. These concepts are used to analyze the space appearance of urbanism, which is composed of central city ,city edge district, urban district and satellite town. On the basis of these, the author puts forward the concept of Urban Region .The Urban Region can be divided into Great Urban Region, Medium Urban Region and Essential Urban Region. The author analyzes the basic feature of Urban Region , the internal structure of Urban Region and the developing stages of Urban Region .At the same time, the author puts forward the concept of the Urban Regional Economic Integration.The author thinks that Urban Regional Economic Integration should include 5 portions: the integration of the product market,service market and production factor in Urban Region; the integration of Urban Regional industrial distribution; the integration of Urban Regional spacing layout;the integration of Urban Regional infrastructure construction and management ;the integration of resources and environment development and management. Urban Regional Economic Integration is the inner requirement of social division of labor, and the inevitable result of economic development.This dissertation studies on the development of China's Urban Region. Firstly the paper analyses and appraises the development of the urbanism. we can find outthe urbanism of China is government dominating urbanism. After the set up of PRC, the central government selected the "'up and surpass strategy", and they put more priority on the development of heavy industries. This induced sharp contradictories between national resources and the goals. To solve this problem, the government organized the traditional economic institution. Since reforming and opening up to the outside world, with the continuous development of economy, Chinese Urban Regions are becoming the core and main parts of national economy. The author analyses the development of Pearl River Delta Urban Region ,Yangtze River Delta Urban Region and Beijing and tianjian Urban Region.With development of the different scale and level Urban Regions, the inner connections between cities strengthen increasingly, the process of economic integration accelerates continuously, but there still are many problems that Urban Regional Economic Integration facing with. The author discusses systematically the major problems: l.The segmented production factor market, commodity market and service market in the Urban Region; 2.The reasonable industrial distribution in Urban Region has not been formed; 3.Urban Region space layout is not integration; 4.The supplement of crucial infrastructure is deficiency or excess in Urban Region; 5. The confliction between resource and environment is becoming outstanding in Urban Region.The author analyses the problem from the point of view of the Institutional Economy. The reasonable interpretation of low level Urban Region's integration is the market institution defects and government institution defects, which reduces the defect of Urban Regional Cooperation organization .The author analyses the government defect that is the local government in Urban Region Organization has become an independent decision-maker who want to pursue the maximized economic benefi...
Keywords/Search Tags:The Urban Region, Economic Integration, Urban Regional Cooperation Organization, Institution Change, Organization Innovation
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