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Changes In Chinese Rural Industry: Practice And Theory

Posted on:2004-03-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The problem of Countryside, Agriculture and Peasants always takes a very important position in Chinese economy development. The reforms undergoing all through the countryside in china now seem to make great effects to the countryside and all through China. The emergence of the rural industry makes the modernization in the countryside possible. In relatively short time, body corporate of modern civilization emerged in the rural societies which were based on families in the past. Then great changes happened in the countryside. Stabilization and prosperity of the rural society is the basis for the whole society. But at present factors that may influence the stabilization of the rural society still exists: the income gap between urban and rural residents is enlarging. To achieve the goal of rural stabilization, it should be necessary to develop the rural economy so as to decrease the gap between rural and urban residents. An important method to increase the income of the peasants is to transfer surplus agriculture labor to non-agricultural industry. And it is also very important to adjust the agriculture structure so that higher value-added agricultural products can be supplied. Since the opening and reforming policy is adopted, the development of the rural industry is very helpful to transfer the surplus agriculture labor to non-agricultural industry. The living standard of these peasants are greatly improved at the same time. The incomes from agriculture keep decreasing since later 1990s for the peasants. Their total slightly increasing incomes owes to the income deriving from the rural industry. In fact, the theory of rural industry is the theory of how to solve the problem of peasants.In order to understand the rural industry in full aspects, we should not limit the discussion to itself, We should relate it to background of Chinese sustainable economic development. What discussed in this paper is mainly focused on these topics: the role of rural industry in the Chinese economic development, how it should be promoted and how to cooperate with other parts of the national economy.As talked above, this paper is arranged as following: there's some discussion about rural industry before economic reform, most of them are focused on the speeches given by the state leaders. The rural industry in china came into a rapid developing period till later 1970s'. Domestic scholars took many researches on thisarea in the following more than 20 years. Their researches can be divided five topics as following:1. the purpose and significance of the rural industry;2. conclusion and prospect for some typical model of rural industry that took place in different geographic area, such as South Jiangsu Model and Wenzhou Model.3. Research on the relationship between rural industry and agriculture as well as city industry.4. The relationship between the development of rural industry and the development of the whole rural society. For example, how to transfer the agriculture labor to non-agriculture industry.5. research on the changes of the economic system of the rural industry. They tried to find out why it appears more efficient than the state-owned enterprises.Based the clue talked above, this paper are divided into 8 chapters. The first chapter introduces this paper in brief, including some vital interpretation of some concept discussed in the paper. It can be considered as the second part from chapter 2 to chapter 4. In this part, the status of the rural industry before the economic reform is discussed. During this period, rural industry began to appear in large scale. But most of the papers are the speeches of the state leaders and scientific researches are in a subsidiary position. This is a very special period in the history of our country. The third part of this paper include chapter 5 to chapter 7. The reforms in the countryside greatly promoted the development of the rural industry. The research on rural industry also got great progress since 1980s'. What discussed in academe are focuse...
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