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Study Of The Decision-making System For Bidding And Pricing In International Project

Posted on:2005-07-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982195Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The study of the theory, method and application of bidding and pricing decision-making is a very important subject in the present international projects. Based on the domestic and international newest achievement in bidding and pricing decision-making, this thesis, using systematized and integrated management thoughts, proposes the new concept and method for bidding and pricing decision-making of international projects and applies it in practice. On the basic concept, the paper proposes the concept of Project Value, which remedies the limitation of the profit as bidding decision index. Based on the concept of Project Value, this thesis also defines a series of practical decision criterions, designs a set of methods of bidding decision-making and designs the bidding decision-making model accordingly.The thesis makes a series of studies on the method of decision-making. First of all, the paper proposes a new bidding decision method that Fuzzy Appraise and Artificial Neural Network be combined, which remedies the deficiency of using these two kinds of methods alone, and explains the basic thought and setting-up course of the model in detail. Secondly, based on the study and analysis of the mechanism, function, key technique, structure of network and liability of the bidding and pricing DSS (based on Case-based Reasoning) and the pricing model (based on the Artificial Neural Network), the paper proposes a new pricing decision-making method to combine the two together, thus makes better performance in the rate of accuracy, reasoning speed and self-study of the system compared with the traditional ones. Thirdly, the thesis offers a decision-making model based on the Fuzzy Neural Network, which makes the drawing of the bidding regulation automatically possible. Fourthly, it analyses the bidding behavior from the Game Theory point of view and puts incomplete game model into complete but imperfect game model, by drawing lessons from Harsanyi modeling thought, to gain the Mark-up regarding maximum of expected utility as the goal and obtain the best pricing point.From the practical application point of view, the thesis studies the bidding and pricing system of a company and develops the bidding and pricing aid decision-making system for international projects of this company. It also applies the above-mentioned achievement in the bidding and pricing practice of international projects, which makes great economic benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:bidding and pricing, project value, mark-up, fuzzy appraise, artificial neural network, case-based reasoning, fuzzy neural network
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