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Disruptive Technology Innovation And Technological Leapfrogging

Posted on:2005-11-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125467440Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Since the evening in 1990's, especially in the 21st century, some new technology that cancreate new industrials and bring changes to established industrials strike lots of established leadercompany fierily, meanwhile, it impacted deeply on the theory and management methods rooted intechnology innovation. So, a totally different innovation pattern-Disruptive TechnologyInnovation aroused much attention in the technology management research field, Compared to the"Path Dependence"in sustaining technology innovation, disruptive technology innovation do notobey the established technology development track, it revolve a new development pattern of "Finda New Way", ulterior it give sustaining technology more extrusion even become a substitute forthe sustaining technology. The kinds of new technology development pattern bring some dilemmato the innovators who used to the thinking manner follows the chronic sustaining technologyinnovation, while some country and regions that drop behind could acquire a good developmentchance to progress in company with developed country and regions with no gap by this kind ofinnovation pattern. There are two kinds pattern of technological leapfrogging from historical research in the paper:technological leapfrogging based on sustaining technology innovation and disruptive technologyinnovation. The opportunity for achieving technological leapfrogging by disruptive technologyinnovation needs to be identified. In the initial stages when disruptive technology engendered, itmaybe not as good as the established sustaining technology in some performance index. With thechanged interior organization structure, management processes and value tropism, the enterprisescan go forward along a new technology development orbit. The disruptive technology can surpasseven substitute for the sustaining technology existing. The principal task for disruptive technologyinnovation management is to cope with the conflict between new technology and existingorganization structure, so in this thesis we think of it as institution dominant technologyinnovation. Current research in disruptive technology innovation lack the overall consideration with thecontact of disruptive technology innovation and technological leapfrogging. The paper analyzedthe key problem that disruptive technology mainly related when distinguished disruptivetechnology innovation with sustaining technology innovation, and research that businessenterprise how to hand with the exterior environment and the internal value network for copingwith disruptive technology effectively by this way to find out the best breakthrough point fortechnology development, and by grasping disruptive technology to realize technologicalleapfrogging in a nation or region. This thesis is main to start from the research in disruptive technology innovation, by analyzedthe internal factor in business enterprises, that part mainly discussed how the internal valuenetwork and its obverse impact to innovation (chapter 3) and exterior factors that included thenormal situations of market impacting on the disruptive technology innovation, based on theconvergence and radiation character of market, we conclude the two kinds of market: dispensedconsumer markets and concentrated regulated markets( chapter 4), distinct with the predominanttechnology strategy in technology innovation, the paper set up institution strategy for disruptivetechnology innovation in business enterprise, and put forward some related strategy for disruptivetechnology innovation( chapter 5).Based on the research of disruptive technology innovation and iiby case analysis of the main technology by which some representative enterprises of some countryin history can achieve technological leapfrogging: sustaining technology and disruptivetechnology; the paper pose that disruptive technology innovation is a proper way for mostcompany in backward country or region to achieve...
Keywords/Search Tags:Disruptive Technology Innovation, Technological Leapfrogging, Interior Value Network, Institutional Strategy, Opportunity and Possibility
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