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The Building Of The Virtual Enterprises And The Benefit Risks Research

Posted on:2005-07-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125470650Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The problem of building of the virtual enterprises and the benefit risks is not only the hot issue, to which the attention has been paid by the domestic theoretical field and the enterprises world, but also a very realistic issue faced by the enterprises in their future development. In recent 10 years, with the rapid development of IT and computer network techniques which have brought a enormous revolution to the production and life to human beings, especially with China's entry into WTO and the quickening of the world economic integration steps, the market competition has become fierce. More and more enterprises have begun to realize that it is difficult to follow the rapidly changing market opportunities only with the adjusting of its own internal resources. Therefore, they began to diverse their attention to the outside of the enterprises. Meanwhile a virtual enterprise, a means by which the external sources of the enterprises have been optimized and adjusted, has begun to become a choice in reality in adapting to the coming of economy globalization and networking with the core capacity as the target of improvement.The research on the virtual business has just begun in China. Although the production pattern of the virtual businesses has been studied in the State 863 research projects and the research project of the State Natural Foundation, the studies on the building of the virtual businesses and the issues of the benefits risk have been less. This dissertation has made a deep and systematic analysis on the building of the virtual businesses and the issues of the benefits risk about the present situation of the inmature theory of the virtual businesses, coupled with the researches on the virtual businesses both at home and abroad and its development situations by using the research achievement both at home and abroad. The aim of the dissertation is of some help to the theoretical research and the practice in reality in the virtual businesses in China.First, the dissertation has summarized the related theories on the development of the virtual businesses and made a systematic study on the mechanism of the building of the virtual businesses from the aspects of the connotation, features, organizing motivation and the process of the virtual businesses and the pattern of the organization process of the virtual businesses has been given. Second, a study on issues of the core capability, partner selection and optimization, benefits and risks has been made and the evaluation system of the core capability of the virtual businesses has been established. Many evaluationmodels of the enterprises core capabilities such as the construction level analysis of the evaluation target of the virtual enterprises, four-square diagram and vagueness classification have been establishedandperfected. Next, the passable own rent concept and the cooperation and contribution curves have been introduced with the scientific definition of the basic conditions and key elements of selecting partners by the virtual enterprises. And then six elements of risks composition of the virtual enterprises have been suggested and the classification of five-grade risks degree has been given. After that the risks-evaluating targets and evaluating criteria have been given and the quantative model of the relations between risks-control and the expectant benefits of the project have been set up with the nature and operation features of the co-existence of the enterprises benefits and risks revealed. Finally, the basic solutions and suggestions for developing China's virtual enterprises have been put forward.In the dissertation, the theory is connected closely with the practice with practicality being emphasized, which provides theoretical circles and enterprises circles with experiences for further study on the virtual enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual enterprises, core capability, partner selection, benefits risk
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