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Establishment And Management Of Virtual Logistics Enterprises Alliance

Posted on:2003-11-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092981437Subject:Transportation planning and management
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The traditional domestic logistics enterprises have been faced up with transformation since the third party logistics started growing. Confronted with the competitors from both home and abroad, many domestic third party logistics enterprises in logistics industry express their wishes to form alliances to enhance their competitive capability. Under such circumstance, the article studies the issues relevant to the cooperation in third party logistics enterprises so as to provide logistics enterprises with some theoretical guidance.The article is divided into three parts; the first part introduces the concept of virtual logistics enterprise alliance; the second part devotes to the formation of virtual logistics enterprise alliance and the third part focuses on the management in such alliances.First, by analyzing the competition environment of the logistics industry in China, the article makes a lengthy examination on the current distribution of logistics industry in China. It is pointed out that under the current industry environment logistics enterprises have to form alliances, especially, to develop value-chain relationship on the basis of respective corn competitive ability. As for the form of the relationship, it is proper to found inter-organizational enterprise alliance among logistics enterprises. After that, the article starts to study the virtualization of such enterprise alliance in the net economy, which first gives rise to the idea of virtual logistics enterprise alliance incorporating task-oriented virtual enterprises and resource-dependent logistics enterprises. Meanwhile, the contract features and qualities of such virtual enterprise alliances are also discussed in the article.Second, the formation of the virtual logistics enterprise alliances is discussed in detail including formation process, formation models andnecessary information platform structure and framework. The concept of virtual alliance coordinator is established, pointing out its position and function as the corn enterprise. From the point of view of the coordinator, the article studies how to choose member enterprises and designs a partner-choosing model combining AHP, DEA and (0-1) programming which solves the problems involving deciding the quality and quantity of the member enterprises and how to achieve partial optimization and overall excellence.Third, management in virtual logistics enterprise alliances is studied, concerning contract monitor, incentive mechanism, trust relationship, risk management, performance evaluation and so on. It puts forward a dynamic checking system, based on logistics operation of member enterprises, in contract management. It places more weight on the question of principal-agent for regulating information in alliances, which is solved, in the later part of the dissertation, through allowing member enterprises to participate in the distribution of the remaining profit. Besides, to develop trust relationship, to control time risks over logistics completion and to evaluate performance are also discussed in the dissertation to tackle the problem of member enterprise management.The focus of the dissertation is on the strategy for developing third party logistics enterprises. It analyzes systematically how to form alliance for such enterprises and makes an overall and profound study on formation and management of virtual logistics enterprise alliance. By applying theory to practice, it hopes to provide logistics enterprise with something valuable for their reference.Something innovative of the dissertation are listed below:1. It is for the first time that the concept of virtual logistics enterprises alliance is put forward as a means of third party logistics enterprises cooperation in China.2. The definition and the feature of the virtual logistics enterprises alliance are profoundly analyzed, including the establishing mode of the virtual logistics enterprises alliance and putting forward the concept of virtual logistics mediator to show the development trend of...
Keywords/Search Tags:third party logistics, virtual logistics enterprises alliance, establishment model, information platform, partner selection, member management
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