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Study On The Mechanism Of Chinese Rural Land Transfer

Posted on:2005-04-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B CheFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125969082Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Proceeding from the theoretical and practical demand of the political and economic reform and development in China, basing on the rural land transfer studies both at home and abroad, taking modern economics and system science as the theoretical foundation, this research gives an overall investigation and analysis of the present rural land transfer situation of China. At the same time it analyzes the market mechanism and macro-regulation mechanism in details on the basis of the rural land transfer system analysis. In view of the problems existing in the rural land transfer mechanism of our country, the paper proposes the methods of perfecting our country's mechanism driving rural land transfer in the short run, and proposes the corresponding direction of rural land system construction and innovation. The paper has been divided into four parts, consists of 10 chapters.The first part has given a simple introduction to the background and the foundation of this research, including the first three chapters.Chapter 1 explaines the starting points, the backgrounds, the objectives and the significance, the basic mentality as well as the characteristics and the initiatives.Chapter2 introduces the latest trends of rural land transfer research both at home and abroad from three research aspects of rural land: property rights and institution, land value and price, and transfer mechanism. And it points out the tendency and problems of current rural land transfer researches.Chapter 3 introduces the main front theories regarding rural land transfer research, which includs the system evolution theory, the property right economic theory, the land rent and the land price theory. The theories lay a solid foundation for the research.The second part including chapter 4 and chapter 5 carries on a systematic investigation, analysis and summary of rural land transfer in our country both in the past and at present.Chapter 4 is based on the investigation materials and typical cases. It analyzes the backgrounds of the rural land transfer and explains its inevitability and necessity in our country from five aspects. First, from the process of the rural land policy reform since the reform and opening up in our country, the chapter explains the basic policy background of the rural land transfer. Second, from the current land management situation in the countryside, the chapter explains the necessity of constructing the rural land transfer policies. Third, from the basic living condition of the farmers, the chapter expounds that the rural land transfer is the essential requirements for the farmers. Four, from the farmers' cognition about land policies, the chapter expounds the basis of the rural land transfer occurrence. Five, from the economic development situation of our countryside, the chapter explains the economic backgrounds of the emergence of the rural landtransfer.Basing on the analysis of the current situation, Chapter 5 analyzes and summarizes five characteristics of the current rural land transfer in our country, through its scale, distribution, types, direction and revenue distribution: (1) the limited scale and uneven distribution; (2) the irregular operation, the evident character of concealed transfer;(3) the large scale of agriculture land transfer to construction land; (4) the serious inbalance between rural land supply and demand; (5) the irrational revenue distribution.The third part which includes Chapter 6, 7 and 8 thoroughly and systematically investigates and analyzes the rural land transfer mechanism in our country.Basing on the system theory, Chapter 6 analyzes the structures and functions of the rural land transfer; and respectively analyzes the driving forces of the agricultural land transfer from to construction and the inner transfer. It deems that the system driving forces of agricultural land transfer from to construction between the state and the collectivities are different. The national driving forces includes civilization expansion force, industrial development force, policy intriguing fo...
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