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Study Of Value-Based Information Resource Management In Enterprise

Posted on:2005-12-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152468591Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of IT, the status of information resources has been increasingly elevated. Information resources are the leading resource of enterprises. But, there exist some problems in managing these resources, which brings the challenge to the idea and method of traditional management. Differing from the matter resources, information resources are intangibile, unmeasurable and extremely fluid, which makes the usability difficult to be assured. Furthermore, more research on the management of this resource of the enterprises is expected to be conducted. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate systematically the management method and effect of the enterprise information resource (EIR) so as to provide theoretic argument and guiding principle. In previous studies of information resource management (IRM), the objects of researches were mostly library information resources whose theoretical system has almost formed. But research on the information resource management whose objects are enterprises information resources (EIR) is unsystematic and has not formed a complete theoretical system. By using the related theories of economic management, this dissertation makes the value as the core problem of management of EIR, and investigates emphatically the value characteristic and the value-based management problems. Centering around realizing the EIR value, the dissertation investigates systematically the management function elevating the value of EIR, and the effect on traditional management with the research method combining positive and normative analysis.The dissertation first expatiates the research objects, the theory origin and development in the related field, and the existing problems. Then it analyzs connotation and characteristic of EIR and explores the principle of value-based EIR management. Secondly, according to the mathematic description of the information effective value in information economics, the environment state and the decision-making actions are disassembled to several management activities from enterprise management point of view in this dissertation. A model of EIR management based on the value is established. The management of EIR based on the value involves three portions: the management of information channel, the management of information structure and the management of information efficiency. Thirdly, the management problems of the information channel, throught which the enterprises ameliorate the decision-making environment, are investigated. Present researches into information channel are made from the aspect of technology, instead of the whole channel system of enterprises. The information and its channel of different formats, and the distributing of information channel are conformed with systematic thoughts, thus the model of the integrated managemnet is put forward in the dissertation. Based on the analysis of the connection between the information channel and the utility of EIR, the information of consumer value is considered to be the optimum information of the environment state, and the guiding principle for the enterprises choosing the information channel system is to make use of the network effects. Fouthly, the management problems of the information structure used by the enterprises to optimize the manner of resources allocation are investigated. The information structure is the key factor for information utility bringing into play, however, few researches have been done on information structure form the point of view of management. By the analysis of the characteristics of information structure and the economic theory, the dissertation proposes the principle optimizing information structure: increasing information functions and dispersing information structure. From the point of view of resources allocation, the relation of enterprise value chain and information structure is set up. And the management method dispersing information structure by virtual value chain is proposed. By positive analysis of the value-added service of the production, the managemnet m...
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Resource Management (IRM), Enterprise Information Resource (EIR), Information channel, Information Structure, Information efficiency, Organization Momentum
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