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A Study On The Development Mode Of Hydropower And Tourism City

Posted on:2005-04-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152468592Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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That developing hydropower and constructing Hydropower and Tourism City (HTC)is an entirely new project in the practice of city development. For a long time, an all-sidedin-depth and systems scientific research for the development of these special HTCs islacked both at home and broad academy, resulting in theory study severely lagging behindthe practice needs, and restricting HTC's sustainable, rapid and healthy development.Therefore, opening a special project, researching these new and special HTCs scientificallyand systematically is in urgent need of the theory and practice about the city development,and is of great and pressing realistic significance. Within this dissertation, systematicallystudying HTC's characteristics is the logic start and key link in the HTC study process;scientifically grasping its essential characteristics is the tough nut and stress of the research.Starting from the concept of HTC and its characteristics forming process, applying thetheories of city economics, city geography, tourism, dam economics, regional economics,valley economics, reservoir emigrant resettlement and sustainable development, that theconcept of HTC, and its industry characteristics, economic zone characteristics, specialdriving power characteristics and culture characteristics are studied stressfully on the basisof sufficient investigations and by using scientific methods, then their mutual relationshipsand inner contradictions are expounded, hence, totally grasping the essentials anddevelopment laws of HTC. Within this dissertation, the concept of HTC is creatively putted forward, and itsconnotation analyzed. HTC is a city taking the opportunity of waterpower developmentand selecting hydropower industry, tourism industry and related industries as its leadingindustries in character. HTC is the product of the urgent demand and sufficient possibilityof social productivity development for waterpower exploration; a social organism withconsiderable dense activities of hydropower economy and tourism economy, etc.; a centerof regional development, closely related to its surroundings. HTC, as a new kind of uniquecities, beside the common city features, has its own unique and rich characteristics. The industrial characteristics of HTC are creatively studied. The congregating, rising,sustaining, leading and co-relating characteristics of HTC industries are studied and puttedforward; the four major special laws of HTC industries development are creativelygenerated: the government leading hydropower and tourism development law, theindustries un-equilibrium harmonizing development law, the lead industry openly growinglaw, and the hydropower producing and consuming contradiction law. The principles andorientation of HTC industries structure adjustment, and the pivot of HTC industries IIIdevelopment, are studied, then putting forward that the HTC industries developmentshould priority its characterizing industries: hydropower industry and its relatedcooperating industries, electricity transporting media industry, electricity equipmentmanufacturing industry, hydro project tourism industry, ecological tourism industry,historical and culture tourism industry, etc. The issues on coordinating development ofHTC industries, resources and environment are also studied. The characteristic of Hydropower and Tourism City Economic Zone (HTCEZ) iscreatively studied in this dissertation. The concept of HTCEZ is studied and given out:HTCEZ is a city economic zone consisting of HTC and its surrounding areas sharing thesimilar economic situation and carrying on the similar culture tradition. The concept of thecentral city of HTC and its forming conditions are studied, the mutual dynamicdevelopment relationship of HTC and its central city discussed. The concrete contents androad of HTCEZ development is studied and discussed. The emigrant resettlement driving power characteristics of HTC is explorat...
Keywords/Search Tags:Hydropower and Tourism City, Hydropower and Tourism Industry, Hydropower and Tourism City Economic Zone, Hydropower Project Resettlement, Culture Brand
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